Poems I wrote



you say it’s over and i laugh. you think we should take it slow; take a break is actually what you say, but what’s the difference? i no longer know where you end and i begin because together we are the yellow of youth and […]

for when words fail you

there will be times when you will think thoughts. there will be other times when you will think things that are not formed well enough to be called thoughts. they will not be things that you can say and you will wonder what cat it […]

Nothing Will Matter

when he is ready to leave, it won’t matter that you fit perfectly into his arms. it will not matter that he said you were number one, or that his favorite song reminds him of you. now it will remind you of you, both of […]


nostalgia is your favorite perfume…


Breaking a wing must be painful It’s probably the cruelest way to kill a winged animal. Crush their wings and watch them unwillingly tethered. They will likely die from heartbreak and not the pain from losing a part. They will die because their heart is […]


You; warm and bright, like light You draw them like bees to a flower They yearn for your grace And you churn their souls out into the open You; fire and ice. Ruthless. You intrigue them and they seek to demystify you But you put […]

When All Else Fails

i. An Ode to the Library Your serenity soothes my soul like balm on aching muscles. Your assets are even more valuable to me than they are to you. And all the kindred spirits you lend me for every few hours we’re together make my […]

Saving Intuition

She whispers to me in hushed tones, Tugs at my sleeve and heartstrings. I bat her away like a relentlessly annoying fly, and even then she gets up again. She’s at my heels and has my back, even though hers is chafed from falling incessantly. […]


The feeling of being anchor-less Drifting; with no connections to anyone. Alone. And not for any reason our index fingers could be placed upon. It isn’t for loss, it is loss; losing oneself. Because when you are lost, in a place you do not yourself […]


You have become accustomed to hearing what you deserve. “You deserve the best!” “You deserve to be loved and adored” You hear everyone’s version of what you deserve, and yet you cannot hear yours. What do I deserve? Who am I that I have any […]