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I’m here again for our regular end of month catch up sesh, which is honestly becoming more like a start of month thing now. Better late than never though, eh? It’s so interesting to me how my preferences have changed over time and it shows, even in the kind of links I share. I’m really glad that you’re all somehow still interested in these monthly round ups and at least find one thing you like in the mess. That’s pretty rad.

Without further ado, here’s:



As a huge fan of routine and habits (I go to bed before ten every single day), this post about eight worthwhile habits to cultivate is my jam. I like that the benefits of each habit, as well as ways to ease into it are mentioned.

Janssen shared her top parenting secret as an introvert: daily enforced quiet time for her kids who are all under ten! It’s genius. Here’s how she does it.

Osemhen shared a few (hilarious) tips for Husbands of Natural Haired Wives on her blog. Read it here.

Friendships can be hard to navigate, but are you in a toxic friendship?

When a pair of shoes mean more than shoes.

ALL of the hearts for this Cup Of Jo piece on the joys of female friendships. Yes, yes, yes.


My dear bookish friends, it’s true: Owning ebooks is psychologically different from owning a physical book.

Did you catch this New Yorker profile of Chimamanda Adichie? I loved it.

Author Rumaan Alam on why “writer’s block is fiction” and writing whenever he can.

Just your regular monthly reminder that Hala Alyan is awesome and you should read Salt Houses. Did you know that even Chimamanda endorsed Salt Houses here?

Possibly the best thing I read in May is Aja Gabel’s piece on finding the right rejection for you.

Is Crystal Hana Kim’s IF YOU LEAVE ME on your summer reading list? She talks a bit about the book in this short interview.


I read/listened to thirteen books last month. But these were my top three:

The Science of Breakable Things by Tae Keller

Tae Keller tackles a multitude of themes with impressive finesse and relatable writing. From a parent suffering depression to what true friendship means, family and the importance of heritage, this book is loaded!

What We Were Promised by Lucy Tan

This book is out in July and is so beautifully written! I’m saving my review for closer to the pub date, but just buy it!


The Leavers by Lisa Ko

I LOVED the writing in this book. Ko wields words like no other. Her sentences are absolutely breathtaking. Yet, Deming Guo is an unbelievably frustrating character for the first fifty percent, so please be patient with him. I found myself being alternately infuriated at and sorry for his adoptive parents, his mother and Deming himself.

This novel breaks you apart and puts you back together. An excellent coming of age story which deftly examines identity, immigration and transracial adoption. So POWERFUL. Highly recommended!


The best thing I watched this month has to be this video of two strangers falling in love. They just had such a solid, honest conversation. Love, love it!

May was Asian-Pacific History Month and it was interesting to see many YouTubers, including Jenn Im talk about Growing Up Asian.

I’ve been really enjoying the Between The Scenes segments of Trevor Noah’s Daily Show. He’s really funny! Start with this one lolol.

The trailer for this movie is soo good! I have to watch it as soon as it’s out!


To be quite honest, I’ve been mostly listening to audiobooks since May, but more on that later. I did listen to and love a few podcast episodes:

First off, once I started reading The Read-Aloud Family, I subscribed to The Read-Aloud Revival Podcast and I love it! For anyone with kids – nieces, nephews, friends’ kids – who they’d like to help read more, both the book and podcast are a revelation.

This Hidden Brain episode about Baby Talk – how babies communicate and what ‘babbling’ really means – is fascinating!

I made a new online bookish friend after listening to the latest episode of WSIRN. Now, I follow Sachi and we swap recs on Instagram. All I’m saying, is listen to this episode! If you’d like more Asian American lit recommendations, I also compiled a great list of 30 books you should add to your TBR.

I enjoyed Aminatou Sow’s episode of Design Matters. It was so insightful, learning about her family and love of science — listen here.


Guys, I’ve officially seen the light regarding audiobooks! Remember how I mentioned that I listened to six audiobooks this month? FOUR were from Scribd! I gave their free trial a shot in May and I’m sold! While audible has a really wide range of audiobooks, their subscription service is terribly expensive at 14.99 every month for ONE audiobook. On the contrary, Scribd charges you 8.99 for UNLIMITED access to audiobooks AND ebooks! I listened to Tae Keller’s Middle Grade novel which was released this March on Scribd, so there are super recent releases as well as classics. It’s definitely worth trying out.

If you’re gonna try Scribd, do your girl a solid while you’re at it, by using this link. It’ll earn me a free month of listening and then you can invite a friend too to earn your free month. Moral? Scribd is awesome. Have I mentioned that they’re constantly adding new titles? They are! FYI, this is SO not sponsored, haha.

I’m working really hard to get back on my newsletter horse but there’s so much on my plate right now, it’s incredible that I’m even keeping up with this blog. Still, I’m really looking forward to sharing a tentative summer reading list on the blog next week! Making book lists is so fun!

Which links are you even vaguely interested in? Will you be trying out Scribd? If you do, please be sure to let me know what you think of it. Happy weekending, lovelies!