Currently Loving…| April

Career, Travel, books and more book talk this April

Hello there!

It’s already May! I have no idea where April went (I realize I say that every month, but that’s my life right now). Initially, this post was supposed to go up on the morning of the 6th, but I completely forgot to even write it. That’s how May is going. Still, I have to say I’m pretty happy about all the content from April, especially the new ‘kid-lit’ category on the blog. Even better, are the guests I’ve had on BOOK’D so far. I can now confirm that May will be even better. Just as a hint, we have a Nigerian artist, a West Indian bookstagrammer, a British author and a Nigerian author lined up for this month! If you missed our first interview for May, you can still read it here. I interviewed author Jennifer Zeynab Joukhadar after really enjoying her debut The Map of Salt and Stars.

Now that all that intro is out of the way, let’s get into the business for today.

What I’ve Been Reading…

This post on navigating difficult questions during job interviews is so helpful! Questions about why you were fired from your last job or salary negotiations can leave you stumped!

I love this idea of lowering your life requirements. Nowadays, so many wants have been restructured into “needs”.

Ebun shared nine lessons she’s learned from running her first business. Good stuff for budding and seasoned entrepreneurs.

I don’t even drink coffee but this is funny.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love food. So, this catapult piece on speaking the language of food is possibly the best thing I read all month.

A super longggg post on picking a career that suits your personality, needs and the kind of future you’d like.

LOVE Mari Andrews’ interviews and this one on Refinery 21 may be my favorite so far.

A first timer’s guide to visiting Jamaica that I completely endorse.

Bookish Links

This is a great roundtable conversation between authors Min Jin Lee, Rachel Lyon, Jamie Quatro and more on envy.

I enjoyed reading this Forbes profile of author Kirstin Chen.

How to build your home library on a budget. This post may have changed my book buying game.

Author of A Little Life, Hanya Yanagihara’s profile on The Guardian is quite fascinating.

Celeste Ng recommended 27 books and I can assure you there’s something for almost everyone here.

Ayobami Adebayo‘s new interview with The Guardian provides a bit more insight into her life and how having the sickle cell trait moved her to write Stay With Me.

April Reads

I read six books in April, my favorites of which were The Map of Salt and Stars and Esperanza Rising. In addition, two were mystery-thrillers that I liked, one was good middle grade fiction and one was an African family saga that I thought was OK.

What I’ve been listening to…

In April, I really got back on my podcast business and even found a few more bookish podcasts to love. I’m still trying a few out before I can recommend wholeheartedly. In the meantime, however, I have been loving the realness of Not Another Book Podcast. The episodes are always packed with shade throwing and great book recs.

Alex Elle has been on fire with her ‘hey, girl‘ guests and this episode with Sweet Potato Soul was so fun! On the other hand, her episode with her sister in law, Sada went straight to my heart.

The How I Built This episode with Jane Wurwand, founder of Dermatologica was eye-opening and so interesting to listen to! I’m really enjoying the Reading Women podcast and this episode with Anne Bogel (which in turn led me to her podcast) made my week!

The most recent episode of Dear Sugar Radio about the invisible emotional labor of women is such a great conversation. I love the patience and mindfulness with which the hosts and their guest approached the topic.

What I’ve been watching…

This hilarious Nigeria vs Ghana video by Shirley Eniang and her siblings makes me want to visit Ghana!

I’m really enjoying the between the scenes videos of The Daily Show. This one about changing diapers is hilarious.

I love The Financial Diet videos and always find them so practical. This one about Sunday Night routines is spot on.

I hadn’t given Chloe and Halle a dedicated listen before watching this performance on The Daily Show, but now I’m ready to pay attention.

What I’ve Been Cooking…

Lasagna - Afoma Umesi

This week, I made lasagne for the first time and I’m hooked! You know how I love my foolproof recipes– I used this one.

What I did in April

The highlight of April for me was attending an assembly on the 22nd and also getting lots of fun bookmail from publishers– something I didn’t think was possible for me. I’ve also got my morning and evening routines down to a science. Now I wake up at four am most mornings and I love it almost as much as I do going to bed at nine pm. I sent a solid newsletter this month that I’m proud of as well. Now just gotta make it a thing.

How did April go for you? It’s hard to say what’ll happen in May, but these days I’m really just enjoying going with the flow. I’m excited to read more middle grade fiction and eat great food this month!

Afoma x