Money, routine and books: The Makings of March.

Hello there!

Didn’t March just seem to last forever? It was honestly one of my busiest months in a while. I’ve been meaning to get this post out since last week but I’m only just getting around to it. Let’s just dive into the good stuff now, shall we? I think I’ve made you wait long enough.

What I’ve been reading…

You all know that extraordinaryroutines is one of my favorite sites. Well, they’ve gone and interviewed Mari Andrews (whom I love)! In her interview, she talks about her meandering life path and why it’s okay for your life to take a few “detours”.

Speaking of Mari Andrews, this post made me laugh out loud.

I’m really enjoying The Cut. I loved this article on the ways five single women save money and this one on the side hustles¬† of five women. Great for anyone in need of ideas in both these areas.

How to deal with information overload. This piece is great.

Do you ever feel at the end of your weekend, that the time just flew by? This post shares tips on how to make your weekend productive and still get to chill.

Sick of overnight oats? Here are FIFTEEN breakfast recipes you can make ahead of time.

How changing just fifteen minutes of your day can transform your life.

What jealousy can teach you. This article is super helpful.

A day in the life of a NYC line cook. Insightful.

Wanna start a podcast? This post is a great first step.

Five signs that you need a mental break.

A day in Marie Kondo’s life inspired me to take my routines more seriously. She’s so organized (duh, she’s written a book about tidying up!)!

Bookish Links

Kirstin Chen‘s Bury What We Cannot Take was released last month. In this LitHub piece, she details her feelings and worries as to whether she was Chinese enough to write that story.

Still on Chen, she and author, Yang Huan had a thought provoking conversation on cultural revolution, betrayal and the importance of craft. Read it here.

I enjoyed this interview of Oyinkan Braithwaite, author of Thicker Than Water (and a new forthcoming novel!). She was interviewed by former BOOK’D guest Adebola Rayo.

Loved this article on why reading is so, so important.

It’s no secret that I love my books, but I don’t find hoarding cute, even when it’s books. This post got me thinking.

March Reads

I read ten books in March; a good mix of children’s fiction, fiction, non fiction and short stories. Some of my favorites from March include Mira T. Lee’s debut, Kirstin Chen’s book and Hannah Howards’s Feast. A full listing of these books can be found on my goodreads.

Money, routine and books - Afoma Umesi

What I’ve Been Listening To…

I LOVED Jerrelle’s episode of Hey Girl.

Also, I started listening to Coffee With Dani after a recommendation from Darkowaa of African Book Addict. I enjoyed this episode with blogger Kristabel Plummer.

This Hidden Brain episode makes a strong case for the idea that disgust is learned.

Author Ayobami Adebayo was on Mostly Lit and they had the best conversation about her book! So fun! Listen here.

What I’ve Been Watching…

I finally watched Confessions of a Shopaholic! My girlfriends and I watched it together and it is so funny. I’m not huge on movies but when you can get me to sit down for a good one, I appreciate it.

I’m also really into Sandra Oh’s new TV show Killing Eve. I watched the trailer and the first episode and its surprisingly more mind-games and mystery than actual violence (for now at least).

What I did in March…

March was for getting back on my photographer horse and I did that by organizing my first styled wedding session. The photos came out so great and my models were fantastic! You can see more of the photos here.

Money, routine and books - Afoma Umesi Photo

I also worked hard to get a newsletter out this past month and am looking to work harder on that this month. On the real life front, things have been busy and good and stressful; just life as usual. In exciting news, I’ve been working hard on collaborations with more publishers and authors and I’m looking forward to having many debut authors on BOOK’D!

In April, I plan to:

Attend an assembly of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Read some great books.

Re-configure my routine.

Keep my focus on the things that matter, as usual.

How was March for you? Now tell me, did you think I’d skipped this March round up? Be honest. I hope you have a great month in April.¬†

Afoma x