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That was a quick month, wasn’t it? I feel like February just whizzed past, I wasn’t even ready for this round up. But, fear not, I have links, although paltry, to share. In addition, I also have podcast episodes, life updates and a few other tidbits. Let’s get started, shall we?


This article helped me understand the interesting difference between jealousy and envy and how to use jealousy productively.

Here are five questions you should ask at your next job interview. Bookmarked this for future use!

How to harness your after work hours, even when you’re too tired for anything else.

While the entire world has been obsessed with Black Panther and Wakanda, I’ve been obsessed with Chadwick Boseman. He seems to be such a level-headed, articulate man and it helps that he’s easy on the eyes. I enjoyed learning about him in this Rolling Stones profile.

This article on what depression feels like is shockingly accurate.

‘Covering the bases’ is a new lifestyle blog I started reading. I loved this post on the current state of Instagram and how to make the best out of it.

The link between the use of technology and happiness, or lack thereof is explained in this piece.

Bookish links

Book lovers, have you ever tried a readathon? This post may have convinced me to try it.

I’m always yapping about Salt Houses, so here’s a short interview with author Hala Alyan. If you haven’t already, read my review here and buy the book ASAP.

Should you write what you know? 31 writers weigh in here.

February Reads

The real reason why I barely read anything online this month is that besides nurturing my Chadwick Boseman obsession  I read a whopping twelve books this month! Although five of them were part of the BabySitters Club series, I enjoyed every word. To see what I’m reading, lets be friends on goodreads! Some favorites from February include The Windfall, Asymmetry and Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime.


Honestly? Every interview the Black Panther cast have ever done. Like this ADORABLE one of Chadwick and Letitia. There’s also this hilarious one of Chadwick on Jimmy Kimmel and the Vanity Fair fear box with Chadwick and Danai I hope Chadwick’s bountiful laughter blesses ya. You’re welcome.

Besides that, I rewatched Freedom Writers (which I LOVE) and watched Bride and Prejudice (super cheesy) for the first time. I’m really bad at watching movies guys. Mostly because it takes forever to find a good one.


I’m back on my podcast hustle, whoop whoop! I even have a few new podcasts I’m listening to and loving!

The first one I’m absolutely LOVING now is Hurry Slowly. The podcast focuses on learning on how slow down and generally live a more mindful, focused life (which is my jam!). My two recommended episodes to get you started are: This one about how conversation is not about talking. It’s great for people who struggle with making small talk and generally is a more mindful approach to conversation. Then this one about reclaiming our attention in a technology crazed world.

I also enjoyed Sara Tasker’s Hashtag Authentic this past month. My favorite would have to be this one about being raw on Instagram stories and how many people prefer “simpler” stories to super curated “perfect” ones.

I’m finally into Ifeyinwa‘s podcast, Not Your African Cliche, mostly because of this HILARIOUS ‘Get to know Us’ episode. It’s a great episode to introduce yourself to the podcast.

A new podcast I’ve been loving this month is Reading Women. Their interview with Mira T Lee whose book is on my TBR for March is a fave.

I reviewed Lisa Halliday’s ‘Asymmetry’ here last month and also enjoyed this episode of The Book Review Podcast with her. She’s so articulate and it’s enlightening to hear her inspiration for the book.

This month I also listened to Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime and LOVED it! I can’t believe it took me so long to get to it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND especially if you’re looking to get into audiobooks.


February was a good cooking month! I finally learned to make roti and I feel like I’m improving my Caribbean culinary skills haha.


I went away with a friend for a week to a Grenadine island. We went with the main purpose of volunteering as bible teachers but we also squeezed in time for the beach. We watched sunrises and sunsets and even worked out on the beach since we lived like two minutes away. It was well needed refreshment for our souls.


Get back on my photography hustle! I took a long break because I felt disconnected and a bit disillusioned by how slowly things were growing, business wise. It was nice to take time to remember why I started doing this in the first place.

Also get back to writing and sending newsletters! I’ve had soo many new subscribers and I feel so bad that I haven’t shared anything new in forever. It’s not for a lack of content, but for the lack of courage. I’m also trying to have a clear idea on my purpose for the newsletters, so that I can really have a regular schedule.

Maintain my current routine. This month I finally developed a day to day routine after falling off repeatedly. I’d like to keep that going so I can remain productive.

All in all, I’m trying to remain positive and thankful.

What are your goals for March? And how did you find February? I’m so excited for March’s BOOK’D guests! I hope you’ve all been keeping up with BOOK’D? Which ones have been your faves this year? Please share!

Afoma x