Books, writing and living: September round up.

Hi my loves! How are you? How was your month? I would say I had a good one. It was challenging, but good. This past weekend was PERFECT. I’m enjoying my psych rotation so much. Psychiatry teaches you so much about humans and the way we think and deal with life. This month I read seven books, two were rereads. (Follow me on goodreads, will ya?). I reviewed Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (which I adore!) and Salt Houses which moved me immensely on the blog.

The other books I read were:

The Night Child – Anna Quinn****

Tiny Sunbirds Far Away – Christie Watson ****

Daughters Who Walk This Path – Yejide Kilanko****

Home Fire – Kamila Shamsie****

Cocktails and Dreams – A. L Michael***

Here’s some other things I read this month

Eric Daman was the costume designer for the show Gossip Girl and this interview with him showed me just how much thought goes into the simplest things in TV shows. Very enlightening.

I’m a massive fan of Roe & E (@brownkids on Instagram) and minimalism in general. In this interview, Roe shares my exact sentiments on what minimalism really means. Hint: it’s not sparsely decorated monochrome houses and plants.

Five authors on how, where and why they write. Plus the photos in this are so crisp, yas.

Apparently this is why mosquitoes bite some people more.

Five reasons why your budgeting may not be working.

A few reasons why you’re constantly exhausted.

When will the world end?

What happened when Prince Harry’s popcorn got stolen by a two year old. ADORABLE.

The founder of Well Read Black Girl on what it takes to run a successful side hustle with a full time job.

How the portrayal of women has changed over the years in stock photos. Interesting!

Linda Rodin is kinda goals. Really.

This post about fifteen things to know about career as a young person is in the top three things I read this month.

Why you need many friends. HIGHLY recommend this.

Writer Ann Friedman’s daily routine here.

Recognize burnout before it’s too late using these tips.

Bookish Links & Interviews

Love this! How reading helps us be better humans.

I’m currently reading Celeste Ng’s new novel and I enjoyed this interview she did with goodreads.

Danielle Steel’s desk is an overly cluttered version of all your bookish dreams.

According to this article, social media is stopping you from reading more books. I agree.

Yewande Omotoso on her most recent novel, how and why she wrote ‘The Woman Next Door’. BTW, Did you catch her BOOK’D interview on the blog?

Have you read Tomi’s chapbook? What are you waiting for?! It’s free. Over here please.

Creative Writing

This piece of non fiction about how food and bodies equal comfort is just mesmerizing. I couldn’t stop reading.

I found this short story gripping.

Kelechi Njoku’s short story is HILARIOUS and so unexpected.

On the Tube

This Is Us: This. SHOW. WOW. I had started watching it when it first began airing, but found it too emotionally draining at the time. After taking a break, I binge watched most of the first season in one (school) night. The casting and acting is SUPERB. I love Jack Pearson and Randall Pearson so much and cannot recommend this show enough. Here’s the trailer for season 2 (which just started).

The And‘s most recent video will turn your insides to mush. This couple is adorable and their friendship is so endearing.

I’ve also started watching ‘The Good Doctor’ and I find the main character so endearing. I’m glad there are more people talking about autism because a lot of people know next to nothing about it.

Also, this Dior ad with Natalie Portman (45secs, watch it) is a cinematographic masterpiece.

In this video (which feels more like a podcast), Minnie Small (my new YouTube crush) shared why + how she quit her job to work as an artist full time. So. Inspiring.

I laughed for the entire length of this make up video with Dimma and Akah. So entertaining.

Podcast Episode Recommendations

The best thing I listened to this month is this episode of Talking in Circles in which Laura Miller interviews her husband about what its like been married to a person with depression. I loved every minute.

Youtuber Gabe was featured on Alex Elle’s podcast, talking infertility and maintaining privacy when your life is in the public eye.

This episode of Voice Notes Episodes about money and how our upbringing informs our dealings with money is so deep and necessary.

In October, I plan to:

-Finish psych.

-Shoot a session or two.

-Crack down on finals studying.

The last few months of this year threaten to be violently boring and just focused on life admin stuff and keeping up with the important things.

What do you have planned for October? Did you read anything great this month? Hook me up!

Till soon, Afoma x