Photo Session| Joni & Fabian + a Weekend Reading List.

A couples’ photo session in St Vincent & The Grenadines

This is one of the sweetest sessions I’ve had. Joni and Fabian really trusted my vision for the shoot and so it was easy to do. I’m learning so much about having couples in front of the camera. I’d love to shoot more couples and that’s something I’m working on doing.

We shot here in St Vincent just a few weeks before their second wedding anniversary. It was also pretty cool that we took the photos at the same place where they honeymooned! We started with a mini tour of the area and spent some time on a swing (well, Joni did).

My favorite thing is couples who can’t seem to stop holding hands or each other, period. I love watching couples stay physically connected in some way during sessions. It creates the intimacy that my sessions are all about.

Joni is so gorgeous! I had a blast taking a few photos of just her.

How adorable is this photo set below?!

After about half an hour, we left to a mostly private beach just near the previous venue. I would love to shoot all the couples photo sessions in private locations if I could! It’s easier to relax especially if your couple is shy (which they really weren’t).

I’m sharing a lot more photos from this session and my other sessions on my photography Instagram page here, if you’re about that stuff. We had SO MANY great photos but I’m trying not to do a HUGE photo dump, haha. I hope you enjoyed the photos. Here are a few links to binge on this weekend:

Weekend Reading:

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Six effective tactics for dealing with comparison (worth a read).

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I’ve been commuting these last two weeks and I’ve been doing a few of these things to make my commute more productive.

This is the best thing I listened to all week, especially because I was feeling a bit in the dumps generally and this episode was encouragement to keep going.

Ten contemporary short stories everyone should read.

What it’s like to be an immigrant, in six words, from authors including Junot Diaz and Chimamanda Adichie.

I hardly think I could keep up with sharing links every single Friday, but maybe I’ll surprise you every now and again eh?

Have a lovely weekend x

PS What are you doing this weekend? I’m having lunch with friends, out in the ministry and maybe doing a session on Saturday. Oh and of course, studying some psych. Have you got any plans?