Ten Podcasts for Entrepreneurs and Creatives.

Looking for the best podcasts for entrepreneurs and creatives?

You’re in the right place! I’m a huge fan of podcasts and I include them in nearly all of my monthly round ups. As a budding entrepreneur (I’m a photographer, if you didn’t know!), I had a lot of questions about business. Podcasts have truly taught me most of what I know about doing business from a creative, wholehearted place. I’ve honestly been hoarding this and only speaking about them in whispers, because I’m a bit selfish.

But I’m ready to share now.

Ten of my favorite (listen to >90% of the episodes) podcasts aka best podcasts for entrepreneurs and creatives!

I’m also including an absolute favorite episode or two of each podcast just so you know which one is especially¬†worth your time/data/brain power. These podcasts are honestly also interesting if you don’t care about business at all. They’re inspiring and motivate you to chase whatever dreams you have, period. In addition, I will indicate which ones also have a focus on wellness, productivity and doing your best creative work (great for bloggers and creatives).

Okay let’s get started!

How I Built It:

best podcasts for entrepreneurs

This podcast is hosted by Guy Raz and he sits and chats with founders of different businesses from Spanx to AirBnB. My favorite thing about HIBI is discovering that it requires grit and persistence to start a business and also that there are a lot of sacrifices to be made in the course of the journey. My current absolute favorite is this episode with Tariq Farid, the founder of Edible Arrangements. Listen to it!

hey, girl

best podcasts for entrepreneurs

Hosted by Alex Elle, this podcast features intimate conversations with women about really deep, important issues. I enjoy Alex’s manner of interviewing and just the feeling that I’m eavesdropping on conversations. I grew up listening to my mum and her friends talk, so listening to naturally flowing conversations as podcasts is relaxing for me. My FAVE episode ever is this one with Roe, on minimalism and why it’s important to stop buying things we don’t need + more.

Hashtag Authentic:

best podcasts for entrepreneurs

Sara Tasker’s podcast got me into these kind of monologue style podcasts. She knows A LOT about Instagram and increasing engagement and interviews creatives in different fields. Everything from publishing a book to photography and what brands look for in influencers, Sara’s got it. I never miss an episode. LEGIT. My favorite episode is this one about personal projects. I literally got up and started a side project after this, because, inspired.

Black girl in Om:

Black Girl in Om

Deun Ivory and Lauren Ash are the ladies who host this podcast. It’s really more focused on health and wellness and they interview everyone from doctors to wellness bloggers. I don’t listen to every single episode, because I’m really not interested in every topic they delve into, but I highly recommend this episode with HeyFranHey. She discusses staying clear about your vision (which is something many bloggers struggle with) and knowing when to rest.

Side Hustle Pro:

My actual favorite podcast on this list and probably the MOST inspiring! Nicaila is so knowledgeable about business and time management. She’s interviewed everyone from Agatha Achindu of Yummy Spoonfuls to Carol’s daughter founder. My current favorite episode is this episode with Jacqueline Nwobu. Ah, I love!

one girl band:

Hosted by Lola Hoad, it tackles problems faced by female entrepreneurs and creatives. I just started listening to it a while ago and I’m hooked! I love how short the episodes are. Listen to this episode about community over competition.

Explore your enthusiasm:

Tara Swiger talks practical stuff like getting accounts in order but also things like how to market yourself. She discusses learning how to tell people what you do for a living and how to build a brand. This episode will help you figure out whether you have a business or a hobby!

marie forleo podcast:

marie forleo podcast

If you have data constraints, this is the podcast for you! Most of her stuff is bite sized; less than ten minutes long. She’s very enthusiastic and gives very practical advice on mentorship, productivity, creativity and just getting stuff done! Listen to this episode about why its smart to start small. It’s especially helpful if you want to start something but you’re waiting for the “PERFECT” time.

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make it happen:

Jen Carrington is a creative coach and she’s good! Her podcasts are usually under ten minutes as well. I love this one about living and working in seasons.

Girlboss radio:

Sophia Amoruso is the author of GirlBoss . She is also the founder of Nasty Gal. She talks creativity and business with her guests. I really enjoy her manner of interviewing guests and I binged on the entire last season. I like this episode with Roxane Gay.

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There you have it lovelies, ten of my best podcasts for entrepreneurs and creatives! I wish I could find more by Nigerians and people of color. If you know any, please leave me a recommendation!

What kind of podcasts you like? Which are your current faves? Let’s talk!

Afoma x

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