5 WordPress Plugins EVERY Blogger Needs!

Five of the best wordpress plugins to get the most of your site.

I really enjoy using WordPress. I like that there are so many themes available and unlike Blogger, it is customizable to a tee, especially if you have some knowledge of coding. Squarespace is another great web host, but I’ve been on WordPress for over three years.

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sidebar: My old Blogger site is still up, albeit VERY cringe! 

So I just moved to WordPress. What in the world is a plugin?

When I first migrated, the idea of plugins gave me a headache. You had to install them and then activate them?! What if they mess up a setting?! How do they work?

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A brief breakdown

Plugins are basically additional software that extend your site’s functionality or lend new features to your website. There are MANY plugins available. Some are free while many others are “premium” (i.e require payment). Installing a plugin is pretty easy especially when you read the installation guide. Once you install a plugin, you can find it in your dashboard under “installed plugins”. Installed plugins then need to be activated. When this is done, most plugins automatically show up, ready for use on your dashboard sidebar.

best wordpress plugins you need

Five of my favorite plugins so far


With Jetpack, you can virtually integrate your self hosted site with WP. It’s been invaluable to me because I can write and edit posts using the WP app on my phone, easily check site stats without needing to leave my dashboard.


Yoast is the perfect SEO plugin. It analyses the readability and SEO of your blog post and gives tips on how to improve both. If you never understood the concept of writing with Search Engine Optimization, Yoast will teach you and before you know it, you’ll be automatically writing like an SEO pro without guidance.

Click to Tweet:

There are number of Click to tweet plugins, but I’ve linked the one I use above. Click to tweet boxes are great for me for two reasons. First, I use them to share and let others easily share snippets of my post. Then, they’re also great to mark the segments of my interviews that I’d like to use in promotion. They make my life easier, essentially.

Akismet Anti spam:

This plugin spares me the ugliness of spam messages via my contact form. You have no idea how often spam messages are sent to your blog email! Thankfully, there are plugins which prevent you from wasting time deleting and deleting.

Font Size:

I didn’t even know this existed! When I first changed my blog theme, I realized that the font was wayyy too small. It occurred to me to check for plugins that change font sizing. ‘Font size’ was the easiest to use. Lesson? There’s a plugin for anything you’d like done on your blog. Just google!

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I decided to write this post because someone asked me about the click to tweet boxes and I figured some people may not be getting the most of their WP/self hosted site. So, I hope this helps you.

Have a productive week ahead! x