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Hello internet friends!

How are you? How was July for you? Honestly I felt like July was the longest month ever! I had so much to do and I was craving a break from everything. Fortunately the first day of August was indeed a holiday over here so I got some much needed R & R. Although, technically I spent the whole day working, but that’s not the point.

Let’s get to the business of rounding up the fine things from the internet in July, shall we?

Around the web:

One of the best things I read this month and exactly how I feel about my solitude is this NYT piece.

It’s scientifically proven that people will like you better when you do this.

Ayobami Adebayo was interviewed by goodreads. Enjoy this short author profile.

This infographic helps you sort through your inbox more efficiently.

Ten ways you’re making your life harder! Guilty of number 1!

Teju Cole wrote about his grandmother’s death and it’s one of the most powerful things I read this month.

My FAVORITE thing this month is Mohini’s recount of her daily journey to work + living in Nigeria. Look, just read it and listen to the audio. Her voice is so soothing and I have become obsessed!

This made me laugh out loud! If you’re like me and really hate phone calls, you’ll love it.

What really matters in motherhood.

There isn’t a better list of ways to be a contemporary writer than this one by Roxane Gay.

BlazersandBaby has six fun things to do with your kids in Lagos!

This post explains why we get so easily attached to people we meet online.

Six productivity hacks that work!

Why we millennials work so hard. This is worth a read.

This piece on how home is like a cup of tea is SO GOOD especially if you’re a tea lover. LOVE!

And if you aren’t a tea drinker, this why you should convert.

I love reading posts about the career lives of people from entrepreneurs like this one on Coco’s Tea Party to 9-5ers  like this one in Kachee’s new day in the work life series.

How near death experiences change us, in this post.

Nicole’s post sums up why I unfollow a lot of people on social media.

Silvia’s post on her one year anniversary of being a doctor went straight to my heart. Anyone who knows the hustle of med school knows the ways it can change you if you let it.

Nine things to do to raise resilient kids.

Podcast Episode Recommendations:

hey, girl is back with a bang! This episode is truly moving.

Dear Sugar Radio is also back and this episode with Oprah Winfrey about how/why to say no is the truth!

Hidden Brain has been on a roll lately with this deep work episode and this one about making any job your dream job.

I also started listening to Still Processing (finally) and I quite like it!

On The Tube:

Sorting through my YouTube history is so hard because I really went in on pop/r&b playlists from the early 2000’s this month. HARD. Also went hard on old Glee performances.

Still, here are a few things I watched this month:

This video of ahem… Mohini Ufeli talking about her role in Andela. I could listen to her read her grocery list, really, but this is an interesting video, promise.

I started watching this because one of the BOOK’D guests recommended the book series! And it’s set in Botswana, which I’m very curious about.

Are you watching The Voice NG? This and this are hands down my favorite performances so far.

‘The adventures of TASA’ is back! Excited to see where the girls go this season!

Harry Styles did a cheeky interview with Chelsea Handler.

A new YouTuber I’m currently enjoying is Kristabel. She has videos about freelancing, budgeting and more!

Blog Spotlight:

Ifeyinwa started a blog and I LOVE IT! If you like books and photography and my blog, you should check out her blog

Personal Updates: 

July was a FULL month!

-I had my cousin take a few blogger-esque photos of me.

-We had our regional convention.

-I had two photo sessions. One with this couple, coming to the blog soon! Another with a group of med students getting their white coats (officially) soon! So I’ve been editing a ton!

-Started my A&E rotation.

– On the blog, I had three 21 Questions interviews. Catch up here. And four BOOK’D interviews on the blog!

-In July I read SIX books! woot woot! Follow me on goodreads to keep up!

– I spent 70+ hours preaching this past month!

In August I plan to:

-Do a couple of personal sessions

-Read some more books before September because then I have to start studying for my FINALS! AH.

-Do something FUN, my goodness.

-Find time to rest amidst the chaos of living.


What are your plans for August? Are you doing anything exciting? Traveling anywhere? Please share so I can live vicariously through you. Also, tell me if any of the links/pieces resonated particularly with you!


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Have a lovely, lovely weekend!

Afoma x