It’s that time again when I share all I’ve been loving this month from articles about productivity to podcast episode suggestions and life updates!

June was quite the month! For a thirty day month, it surely felt longgg. It was also super busy for me  with my OB/GYN rotation and launching two new blog series, BOOK’D & 21 QUESTIONS. You’ve all been exceedingly kind and supportive, sharing the posts, reading and leaving comments on the blog and on social media and I am truly grateful! It’s nerve wracking to try something new on your space, even though you love the idea, because you’re never completely sure how your readers will take it. So, thank you for the love. It feels great to have readers who are on the same page as you are. Okay, enough mush.

Let’s Dig In

Articles around the web

I agree with this article. Food might be a dating deal breaker for me.

Katharine’s five things to check out when choosing a partner is one of my favorite things this month.

This cheeky New Yorker article about life before the internet is so apt!

If you’ve been tired a lot lately, here are seven medical reasons (verified) why that might be. This post is a necessary read.

This is why some fathers leave their children.

How to keep your sanity when you work alone. Freelancers, this  is for you!

The most insightful thing I read this month is this article about the secret of small talk. It’s genius.

There’s a new movie called ‘The Big Sick’ and it’s based on this true life story. I’m in love.

This poem ‘You remind me of our father’ tugged at my heartstrings.

For Creative Girls interviewed four mums about motherhood and creativity here and everyone should read it.

When love isn’t as simple as standing by your man. This was a great read.

25 famous women on how to be productive including Shonda Rhimes, Zadie Smith and Roxane Gay here.

Making a marriage magically tidy is no small feat as shown in this New York Times piece.

This piece about how the liver runs the body made my inner science nerd very happy.

Website Spotlight

I raved about Extraordinary Routines on Twitter already but if you still haven’t checked it out, you should. Read Ashley Ford’s interview first! Extraordinary routines basically interviews creatives but asks questions almost strictly about a day in their life. There’s also advice for freelancers and general life stuff. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Podcast Episode Recommendations

This episode of Kind World is equally as heartwarming as it is heartbreaking.

I didn’t know much about Lisa Price of Carol’s daughter until I listened to this inspiring episode of How I Built it about how she started her business out of her kitchen!

SideHustlePro‘s anniversary episode has allll the gems for aspiring entrepreneurs or anyone working on a creative endeavour.

This Dear Sugar Radio rerun about whether former hellraisers should share their past with their kids is very interesting.

Invisibilia is back! This episode about emotions is just crazy!

On The Tube

I enjoyed this episode of The Wrap Up with Toolz, Sisi Yemmie and Ebuka regarding childbirth and snapback bodies.

This ADORABLE video will make your day better. Trust me.


I was really busy this month so I honestly did not have a lot of reading and listening time and my pocket and podcasts app are bursting at the seams. I read three books this month (even though it felt like more) and had THREE photo sessions this month (which I’m still editing).

Leabecca sahadeo by Afoma UmesiMichelle Igwillo by Afoma Umesi The Sahadeos by Afoma Umesi Muna Obiagwu by Afoma Umesi

On the blog, I posted twelve times in total! Six of which were interviews which you should be keeping up with! On 21 Questions, I spoke to Nedoux and Rayo. Adorah, Keside, ‘Pemi and Tiwa got BOOK’D! All really fantastic interviews which you should read!

Besides that I stuck to my preaching schedule and just focused on putting one foot in front of the other. I’m also currently preparing for an assessment next Thursday. I like being busy and creating but sometimes my body cannot keep up so I’m looking forward to chilling out this weekend.

In July, I’m excited to:

-Complete my OB rotation

-Start my next rotation, after which I only have THREE more until the end of med school (EEEK!)

-Attend the ‘Don’t Give Up’ Regional Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses (SO EXCITED!). Find out more about it here.

Don't Give Up Convention

-Have more photo sessions in July!

-Take more books off my reading list

-Post more BOOK’D interviews! Especially the first one in July (it’s with a Nigerian author I love!)

-Share more 21 Questions interviews *insert confetti*

What are you looking forward to in July?

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I hope you have a relaxing weekend! x