Don’t you just hate when you’re having a bad day and someone says “cheer up!”? I know I do.

So, I’m not going to tell you to cheer up in this post. Instead, I’d like to first send you a warm virtual hug on this day that’s getting you down and then we can talk about 5 fail-safe ways to bring some cheer into any day! Or at least 5 things that work for me, every time.

*insert virtual hug*

Here we go…

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1. Make a Gratitude List


This never fails me. Like NEVER. Even on my lowest days, once I’ve prayed about my feelings (which is super helpful, if you’re a spiritual person), I write down at least five things I’m glad happened that day and the strangest little things come to my mind like food I really enjoyed, a conversation that made me happy or little achievements at the hospital. Sometimes just beating my alarm clock is high on my list. On other days, there are even bigger things that I forget because I’m looking so hard at all the things not working, or not working fast enough. It only takes five to ten minutes of sitting with my journal and being grateful to change the course of my day and leave me feeling less sorry for myself.

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2. Do something you enjoy


Turn a bad day around


When I’m having a bad day, I like to come home and listen to podcasts or music, edit pictures (making pretty things is nice), read a book, or just lay down (I really like being in the horizontal position after a long day). Just unwinding and doing things I like without any pressure lifts my mood. My mother’s suggestion when I’m having a bad day is always to play some music and dance. In case you didn’t know, it’s reaaaallly hard to be sad when you’re singing and dancing to some great upbeat music.

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3. Eat

Where to eat in Lexington, KY.

I don’t know about you, but I get hangry. Anyone who knows me knows that hungry Afoma=Cranky Afoma. Many times, I’ve thought I was sad, but I just hungry. Yes, I’m that girl. So, when I’m feeling a bit low, I might just be low on food. I eat something and then re-evaluate my emotions. Maybe what you need is lunch. Maybe you’re one of those crazy people who skip breakfast. So, eat something and then you can try all the other steps if it doesn’t work. The giddiness you feel when you see the food coming will probably let you in on whether it’s a hangry problem or a real bad day problem.

Some of my favorite places to eat so far linked here, here and here.

4. Go Outside

kids playing outside

There hasn’t been a day yet that going out for an hour or so did not improve my day. It’s different for everyone, but for me places that aren’t crazy noisy do the trick. I know people who LOVE markets and are instantly cheered up by all the vibes and the energy of the hustle and bustle. Whatever works for you. Just go outside, breathe fresh air, have some light in your face and sand in between your toes. Go. Outside.

I personally love hikes and beaches.

Go outside

5. Call someone you love:

My mum is one of my favorite people to call.

Calling someone you love is great because it gives you perspective. Talking through your problems with someone who knows and understands you is an often unrivaled form of therapy. They can validate your feelings, give you advice, pray with/for you, give you a hug, hold your hand while you vent, anything you need.

friendships with women

Letting people be there for you can be hard for some people, but we all need a few people in our corner to hold our hand through this thing called life. In turn, we must also hold other people’s hands.

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Your turn now, what are the things that never fail to lift your mood when you’re having a bad day? Tell me in the comments! Never too many tips for bad days!

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I hope you have a lovely week!

Afoma x