Hellooo there loves!

How’s the going? I’m having a really eventful week! I announced TWO new blog series 21 QUESTIONS and BOOK’D. If you have no idea what these are, then you should probably do a quick catch up. I’m looking forward to sharing the first interview next Monday and I really hope you’ll all come to read it, because it will inspire you. Really. My photography was also featured on ForCreativeGirls just yesterday!

Okay, on to why you’re here. It’s the end of yet another month, this time, May the month in which I turned twenty two (and yes I played Taylor Swift’s song 22, because why not?). May was a really good month. I just feel really grateful for all I was able to accomplish this month and all the clarity my spirituality has provided me. Of course, I’m also thankful for all the great content the people of the internet blessed us with, this delightful month!

Let’s dive in!

Articles around the web

One of my favorites this month is advice from Jamaica Kincaid on life and writing (including, how not to write crap). Oh I enjoyed this.

Speaking of writing, a few essential tips for writers. (get on this, seriously).

Cup of Jo was on fire this month! From this post on navigating career change to this heartrending post about aging.

Jamaica Kincaid’s ‘Girl’ from the 1978 issue of The New Yorker is some sweet poetry.

A lot of people nowadays think it’s cool to ‘speak your mind’. I enjoyed reading (and agree with) this post why you shouldn’t speak your mind.

This piece on new age grandparents is too sweet not to share!

How to cope with anxiety; love this.

My friend Tiwa wrote about how words fail us when we need them most and it’s beautiful.

Instead of always waiting for creativity to strike, try this instead with your work.

The health benefits of being a bookworm as mentioned here ^_^

How to choose a successful future (tried and tested).

Nine questions for Chimamanda Adichie: An Interview

Why Nigeria has no child stars anymore (Remember the days when we knew all the kids in Nollywood movies, and they could actually act?). Thought provoking.

Seven habits you need to give up! The first one here is so vital.

I enjoy reading about people’s daily routines. I really like this one: a day in the life of a writer.

Did you know your brain has a focus limit? This is interesting.

A woman found her long lost brother after decades in foster care and then she wrote this.

I LOVE this comic about how men need to help women out more at home, instead of letting them bear all the mental load.

How to separate your work from who you are. This piece by Toni Morrison.

It’s the weekend! Here’s how to make your weekend last longer! (it kinda works too!)

Blogger Spotlight


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I’ve been enjoying Lola’s content for a while now, but I didn’t want to share her! I decided to let you guys in on her now because I think people should talk about the things they enjoy, put a big fat spotlight on them. Lola’s blog is so refreshing! It’s nice to read solid content with more than a hundred words in them every time she puts something up. I’ve been on the hunt for great lifestyle bloggers and I’m finding themmm. Her latest post on blogging is so helpful!

On the Tube

Serena Williams had a candid chat with Gayle King about love, motherhood and competing with her sister, Venus. I loved every second of this.

Are you watching King Women?! It’s my favorite thing to watch on Mondays! This episode made so many great points about marrying well and how much good forgiveness brings (especially to the forgiver).

I’m really sad that Rosewood was canceled, but it’s new show season again! Most of the trailers are soo cringey, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this show about an autistic doctor and this one in which a woman who’s been living every day as her last is suddenly cancer free and has no idea how to live a normal life.


Black Girl in Om is a great podcast hosted by Deun Ivory and Lauren Ash. This episode with Hey Fran Hey is great, especially for anyone wondering how to learn balance and say no.

Alex Elle’s podcast is fantastic. I especially enjoyed this moving episode about miscarriages and motherhood with Liz Estrellas.

This Voice Notes Episodes episode (lol) explores many stories centered on food. It’s incredibly entertaining and insightful.

Agatha Achindu of Yummy Spoonfuls shares her inspiring business story on Side Hustle Pro in this episode.

This episode of Hidden Brain explores why we like people who share similarities with us, like the same name or birth month. It’s so fascinating.

Jo Piazza’s incisive comments in this LitUp interview about marriage have me reading her book next!


I read five books this month and reviewed my favorite of the bunch on The Book Banque on Tuesday! Go seee! I’m really proud of that review.

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Taken by: Tobi Jaiyesimi

I went hiking with my friends and we went to the most gorgeous salt pond after. More photos here.

I didn’t have any sessions this month, because I got a bit occupied with other creative endeavours, sadly/fortunately.

Last Saturday I went to a fun barbecue my friends had and ate the best barbecued chicken, just talking about it makes my mouth water.

I also started my OB/GYN rotation which my penultimate core rotation (all I’ve got left is Psych(!) and then three more electives).

The rest of my time has been spent preaching, editing interviews and sleeping?

In June, I’d like to:

-Shoot a couple of sessions

– Keep up regular posting despite the fact that OB/GYN is crazy busy.

– Find time to read a few good books

– Find a schedule that works

– Go somewhere for a break? Maybe?

How was your month? Any highlights? What are you looking forward to in June? I feel like everyone’s on vacation! Let me know!

And have a fantastic weekend!

Afoma x