Introducing BOOK’D

Hi friends! I have some exciting news!

I’m starting a new series on the blog! As you may already be able to tell, I’m a bit book obsessed. I love reading books (which I review here), talking about books, readingĀ aboutĀ books, buying books, taking photos of books; look, I’ve done it all. So I thought, why not bring a cool person on here EVERY SINGLE WEDNESDAY starting NEXT WEEK to talk about… BOOKS?!

That’s when I decided I’d have to get them all BOOK’D! (Get it?) I’m a huge fan of the New York Times By The Book column, where celebrities (book lovers & authors) are interviewed about books and reading. I also really love Girls At Library, a website dedicated to women talking books and reading. I thought the Nigerian blogosphere needed their own column.

Book’d is weekly bookish interview series talking books and reading with mostly Nigerians who love books and reading. It will be a great spot to find book recommendations if you’re new to reading or a bit stumped about what book to read next. Book’d seeks to foster reading and a love for books in the young Nigerian. It will also serve to broaden the reading horizon of anyone who only reads the same two or three authors over and over.

I have reallllyyyy cool guests on the series already and I’m SO EXCITED for it. I hope you are too.

Tell one, tell all, your Wednesdays are BOOK’D.

Next Wednesday, we have Adorah on!


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