Presenting… 21 QUESTIONS (for the Nigerian Creative Entrepreneur)

*Drum roll*

I’m really excited to present something I’ve been working crazy hard on to you all! Starting next Monday, I’ll be interviewing Nigerian (creative) entrepreneurs living in Nigeria about their businesses! I’m really interested in entrepreneurship, especially running a business in a country that can be really frustrating to deal with at times and what it takes to really market oneself to the Nigerian audience.

Further, I’ve met a number of young people recently who are curious about what it takes to run a business in Nigeria and a few people who feel alone in their business owner struggles in Nigeria. The purpose of this series is to show entrepreneurs that they’re not alone and as such I’ll be interviewing a wide array of creative, inspiring individuals from YouTubers to full time writers & editors to fitness enthusiasts. I also have a number of small business owners, fashion designers, musicians and those in the food industry! It’s going to be packed with lots of inspiration and most importantly knowledge for people who are trying to decide if a creative business is something they can handle. These people aren’t just buyers and sellers, but there’s a lot of heart and ‘making’/ creating involved in what they do.

So, get excited! And meet us here every other Monday for the next few weeks as we talk to some really great people on 21 Questions.

Our first guest will be Nedoux of The Nedoux Sewing Club Workshop! I loved reading her responses to the questions! Here’s a sneak peek:

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I hope this makes your Monday!

Have a great week!


PS: I have ANOTHER announcement on Wednesday, so keep your eyes PEELED! It’s GOOD!


Afoma x