3 Ways to Boost Your Morning Routine

I am such a huge fan of mornings! I’m the ¬†girl who’s up at 5 and thinks its completely normal. I physically can’t even sleep in anymore, because med school. I think my mornings are successful because I have a routine. My brain knows the things I have to do when I wake up and I don’t have to think too hard to get stuff done or get the ball rolling.

Today I’m sharing just three things that make my mornings run a bit smoother and set the tone for a great rest of the day.

My Tips


1.Go to bed at your own early based on how many hours of sleep you need. It is said that the average adult needs 6-8 hours of sleep. I need around 5-6. I have friends who need 8. Figure out your optimal number of hours and try to keep it at that. I love the iPhone health app which can record the number of hours you sleep every night and help you figure out an average or sweet spot. My best mornings happen when I’ve gone to bed at around 9 or 10PM.




2.Start your day with some quiet time: It may be something spiritual, some exercise or really anything that does not require communication with people of the internet. Starting my day with some bible reading and prayer before I’ve even checked WhatsApp or emails really sets me on a generally less anxious path for the day. So take a few minutes when you first wake up to just be. Don’t have your phone in your face first thing in the morning.



3.Have a routine: I find that to stay on track the best thing for really mornings is to avoid using my phone altogether and focus on doing important stuff before you leave home. When I was on my surgery rotation for example, I had to up be up at 4:30am and be at the hospital at 6:30ish (really 7 for me) but it helped a lot to just leave phone time for down time in between surgeries instead of shoving food in my mouth and replying emails. Obviously, some days, life happens, but when you make it a priority to just do you in the mornings, your head is happier for it.



You get more from your morning and are generally more relaxed when you start quiet and do the needful before you dash through the day’s prep.

A nice morning boost is some music or a podcast to wake me up while I make breakfast or get dressed. Ah, I just love mornings!

I hope you’re having a good Monday morning and these tips are somewhat helpful!

Have a great week!

Afoma x