Photo Session| Sabrina X Ariel

This is one of my most fun sessions till date. Sabrina and Ariel are my classmates and I’ve been photographing them since back in the day. I reached out to Sab to do a session with her and I just asked her to bring a friend!

She picked me up around 3/4ish and then we picked up Ariel.

It always takes me a few minutes to get into a session, so I like test shots and getting used to locations; finding my bearings for the first few minutes.

All my sessions are really just adventure. There’s a lot of wandering and trying new things and talking and laughing. It’s a real hang out.

Everyone who follows me on Instagram knows by now that I am OBSESSED with flowers and placing people’s faces in flower nests.

We saw a house while we were shooting and a man and his son were playing ball in the yard. We asked really nicely if we could come in and get some shots on their bench and generally in the yard and he let us in! (only try this in the Caribbean, haha!)

Then we played in the grass for a bit.

Then we took a walk to the beach

Annndd back to dry land

We watched the most bomb sunset while furiously snapping golden hour photos

After the shoot, we met some kids who wanted some photos

Aaaand that’s a wrap!


Have a lovely weekend!

Afoma x