A huge small island problem is finding places to eat food that isn’t necessarily Caribbean cuisine. There are a good number of places to eat rotis, pelau, chicken and chips, boil ups and the like, but it’s a bit harder to find cafes and breakfast places or just something different. So I’m always on the look out and when I saw a friend snapchat food that didn’t resemble a roti or pelau or anything vaguely ‘Caribbean’ that actually looked fresh(!) I asked whereeee she got it and she told me about Melting Pot.

It’s actually pretty funny because it’s literally a five minute walk from my house and I had no idea. Their menu is so different from much of what’s on the island and they have lunch specials for 12 dollars (EC). It’s a filling portion too of food that’ll excite your tastebuds! My favorite thing on their menu is the Thai Chili Chicken. Their selection of homemade juices is soo good! I LOVE the cherry lemon and the orange and my friend Nicole loves the tamarind juice.

They actually let you taste the food before you order! We had to taste to choose between the thai chili and the bourbon chicken. The lady at the counter is also super sweet and friendly. If you ever go, tell her Afoma sent you!

Doesn’t a good lunch just make you happy?!

Find Melting Pot in Paul’s Avenue just after Vinlec in town. They’re right opposite the car park/car wash place.

You can also follow them on instagram AND they serve breakfast ALL DAY!