Hello hello lovely internet friends!

How’s it going? How did your month go? Mine was fantastic; so many great highs, I’ll forgive myself if May’s totally rubbish (although I hope it’ll be just as amazing). But more on all that later. Let’s get started!

Around the Web: 

At the top of my list of favorite things I read this month is Elo’s ‘Don’t let it Bury You’. This honestly left me ‘shook’. In Elo’s usual style, it is beautiful, viscerally honest, gripping. She tells how dance saved her.

A close second is Taiye Selasi’s story “The Sex Lives of African Girls” which Granta finally opened to the public years after its publishing. Reeaaally long, but stellar writing and even better story. So, sit down with a cup of tea and read this in a quiet room.

I also enjoyed Osemhen’s post on the unglamorous life of working parents. It’s funny how easy it is to assume that people have it all together. What does that even mean?? Does anyone have anything “all together”?

I found this post about 19 things grooms are really thinking while they wait at the altar quite funny.

Sheryl Sandberg shares her thoughts on how to build resilient kids, something she had to learn after her kids lost their dad suddenly.

I consider myself a highly sensitive person, so this post with 43 ways to self care as an HSP is so useful for me. Also a good read if you’re wondering “what in the world is a highly sensitive person now?” because she explains in the post.

Writers who’d like to publish a book will find this post helpful.

I find that I can be a real negative thinker especially at certain times of the month, so I found this post on training yourself to stop thinking negatively really practical.

If I had to choose a third favorite post this month, it’d be this one about how staying married means being ready to embrace change, because people change.

Being a highly sensitive person and constantly wanting to consume large amounts of art, sensations and emotions (PLUS SCHOOL WORK) often leaves my brain cluttered. This post on decluttering your mind is spot on. The last point is something I already do in my life.

A cat helps an old man with dementia + cute photos of the man and his cat-pal here.

Do you like math? I don’t. I think I might actually have math anxiety. This post shows how we can help kids be less scared of math from childhood.

Ashley’s dad was released after 30 years in prison. She didn’t want him to text her. She explains why in this very touching piece.

Fascinating article on the different ways we can use salt while cooking and the difference it makes.

I enjoy reading about the life-changing effects of people’s hobbies. Lidia Yuknavitch explores the ways water keeps her afloat in this article.

Podcast Episode Recommendations:

I started SO MANY NEW PODCASTS this month *hyperventilates*

LitUp is a podcast that interviews authors. I can’t believe I only just started listening to this. I really enjoyed listening to Ann Patchett’s (author of Commonwealth which I reviewed here) interview here. Brit Bennett (the author of The Mothers, which I’m currently listening to as an audiobook) was also interviewed. Listen here.

Yes, Girl is Essence Magazine’s new podcast. Most recently they interviewed Meagan Good & Devon Franklin. I liked listening to Devon’s motivation for being a good husband and their general view of marriage.

I had no idea who Henrietta Lacks was before listening to this RadioLab episode. Now I’ve got the book and once I’m done reading it, I’ll be watching the movie. What a story of this woman whose cells changed science.

I started listening to Sophia Amoruso’s GirlBoss podcast and this episode with Yuna, the singer is my favorite.

This Dear Sugar episode about choosing career over love or vice versa and how women seem to feel more under pressure to do so is so interesting.

Alex Elle’s new podcast ‘hey, girl‘ is SO good! She chats to her friends, usually black creative entrepreneurs about life, love and loss. I enjoyed this one with Deun Ivory about creating authentically.

For anyone who’s interested in starting a podcast, this businesswoman special on Call Your Girlfriend is soo helpful.


I’ve been enjoying the Chainsmokers new album ‘Memories… Do Not Open’. I recommend ‘Honest’, ‘Paris’ and ‘Something Just Like This’.

TV, Movies & YouTube:

I love the trailer for the Henrietta Lacks movie.

I’ve been watching Inspector K and I think it’s HILARIOUS.

I also really like Dimma’s Vlogs.

Have you been keeping up with King Women? I enjoyed the latest episode.


I finished my Family Medicine rotation toward the end of this month and started pathology.

I even  observed my first post mortem last week on my very first day! It was gruesome. This month we also had our Increase Your Faith Assembly and always it was very refreshing and always a great time to hang with friends.

I had two sessions in April: The last one just this past Saturday with Weyinmi.

And the previous one early in the month with Sabrina and Ariel.

This May I plan to:

-get some couples in front of my camera

-go somewhere newww

-finish my pathology rotation

do a q&a on the blog

-start my ob/gyn rotation hopefully

-study for my exams in june

-read some more books (I finished SEVEN this month)

-find time for myself in all the craziness.

What are your plans for May? If you have a question you’d like to ask for my Q & A, don’t forget to comment below or send an email to hello[at]afomaumesi[dot]com.

Isn’t it great to start a new month with a day off? Have a lovely May!