The Schoors are the first family session I’ve done and I was a bit nervous about photographing so many people and making sure everyone got the shots they wanted; mom & daughter, mom and grandma, mom, daughter and grandma etc. I was also excited to photograph a couple again. I think it creates the most magical photographs when couples can let their guard down with you and share their love with you. I love family sessions a lot, regardless of the fact that they can come off as the least “artistic” kind of sessions. They give you good practice with older people, children running all over the place and sweet, sweet couples. Love it.

It takes time for people to get comfortable during shoots and I’ve learned to be patient with myself and clients and expect the best shots to be somewhere in the middle or really toward the end of a session. I love making couples take time to look at each other.

These two are too cute!

Mothers and their daughters.

Nicole’s hair in her face in these photos is so dreamy to me. I love that I am immediately transported into the scene and you can almost feel the wind on your face. Don’t you just love photography?

I can’t wait to take more photos of gorgeous families! Come at me <3

Afoma x