5 things to do when life becomes too monotonous 

I like to think of myself as a creature of habit. I love routine, planning and I’m very easily rattled by things not going according to plan. I was telling a friend recently that I cope with life by planning that certain things may not go according to plan aka making contingency plans, but I plan regardless.

Still I find that I’m also restless. I like to always have something new in the works, to try new stuff; new food, new books, new places, new experiences etc. I get a real rush from doing things I haven’t done before. So I’m just as disoriented by falling off my schedule as I am by following a schedule religiously for more than a certain time. It’s confusing, I know, it confuses me too.

How to work around this?

I create a balance to make things work. I try to incorporate new things into my schedule! Win-win!

And that’s what this post intends to help you fix; that seeming drudgery that comes from doing the same things over and over. It gets old, even when you love said things. Here are 5 things to do (even though I already mentioned one point)

1. Create a new experience: This is the most obvious way to kick monotony out of your day. Sometimes your body just needs you to do something different. Unfortunately, not everyone can take a trip on a whim to somewhere refreshing but we can do little things. A new experience is very subjective and that’s why it’s great. For me, personally, creating a new experience could be going somewhere I’ve never been on the island before, spending a Friday night doing something I don’t do often like hanging out with friends or even just chilling out unbothered with a book or a movie. It’s different for everyone and they’re probably not things we can do every single week but that’s why its a new experience. Your brain processes it as refreshingly different from your norm.


2. Be intentional: Plan things to look forward to. I’m probably boring by some people’s standards but little things are so exciting for me to look forward to. I look forward to new podcast episodes, new books I plan on reading, coming home to my bed, a photo session on a weekend, an assembly we’re having later in the month. In order to look forward to things, you have to know that its happening, you have to be attentive and intentional. Make exciting plans. Start small. You may even have to try something outside your comfort zone sometimes.


3. Create a new perspective: Find something good in everyday. As self-help guru inspired as it sounds, it helps a lot. On really bad days, I try to end the day reminding myself of the (sometimes) small good thing(s) that happened and you know something? No matter how awful a day I’ve had, there hasn’t been a single one in which nothing good happened. Sometimes it’s just one unexpected kindness from a stranger, or a text from someone you love that reminds you that you are loved and cared for. There’s so much bad stuff everyday so to  find the good parts, we may have to put in a little effort but it’s worth it!


4. Treat yo’self: A sweet treat (for all ye with a sweet tooth), pizza or even stationery. Something small or big depending on your budget. Even a pedicure makes me feel all pampered and happy. Take care of yourself.  We need a second sometimes to just do the things we like to do: if you like DIY-ing or painting or baking or sleeping, treat yo’self. Do something for you.


5. Take some time off: If all else fails, TAKE A BREAK. Your body may just be tired. If you can’t get a week off work, take a day off life. Turn off your gadgets and just be. Eat, talk to your family, take a walk, read a book, sleep. Reset.


At the end of the day, life truly is repetitive but a few injections of spontaneity and adventure really spices things up. If you’ve been feeling a bit meh lately, as I have, try one of these tips and I hope you feel better soon!

Afoma x