Photo Session X Adventure| Dark View Falls

Few things are better than just upping and going to a tourist attraction with a group of friends and subsequently letting them all model for you with nature’s wonders as a backdrop. That’s just what I did. We enjoyed strolling through the initial park like area with LOTS of greenery and old machinery. I enjoy vibrant colors deeply, so of course I was in my element.

And then we proceeded to go on the bamboo bridge which honestly is scary especially when you’re afraid of heights but I think I was having so much fun photographing that I actually didn’t realize haha. How aesthetically pleasing is this duo tho?! Their chemistry in the pictures is crazy especially seeing as they’d only met for the first time that day!

These two are great friends and I couldn’t get them to stop laughing. Except this one time.

We found a little pool/stream area which I thought was breathtaking, so we made some more breathtaking photos.

Finally on our way down to the actual falls, I snapped this pic of Michelle and it’s one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken!

At the Falls. How stunning is THIS GIRL?

Just sorting through these photos makes me soo nostalgic. It was my first time ever at a waterfall so it was pretty awesome and I had a great band of kids with me.