Hi Friends!

What a week! How are you? How did your week go? I know it’s not Friday per say, but it’s the end of my blogging week so…

My week was challenging but also refreshing. We’re having a special week of activity because we have a visiting speaker with our congregation for the week. We’re also spending a lot of time inviting people to a worldwide observance of the memorial of Christ’s death on April 11th. Regardless of where in the world you live, you’ve probably seen this invitation


(or will before April 11th). I think its the coolest thing to have a worldwide campaign. Anyway, enough gushing.

Here are my favorite things from this month

Articles around the web:

Let’s start with this interview of Sara Brawner and Billy Jack who struggled with infertility, fostered and adopted FOUR (ADORABLE) kids and THEN had a little one biologically. It’s an amazing story. Most of the story on the mothermag site is in the slideshow (I got confused looking for the story on the site at first).

Sara and Billy’s lovely family

This article helped me understand why my body craves different kinds of food at various times.

When you type your birthday into the portal on this website, it tells you how the world has changed since you were born; so cool! For me, for example, the first item is this: You’re one of the first people who’s never lived in a world without Amazon. 

I enjoyed this excerpt from Celeste Ng’s new novel. I’ve been waiting for a second novel since I reviewed her debut novel here.

This gif about How to write a House episode had me cracking up.

I go through phases when I feel like I’m failing in life, Sara has some great tips about ways to rejuvenate yourself creatively when you feel like you’re failing.

Ama writes incredible fiction: The year I turned 23.

Speaking of writing, here’s one of my favorites this month: Patience & Failure: Lessons from the garden for writers  (really for anyone who’s working hard at anything).

Finding love when you have a disability.

What women do when no one is watching: a series of illustrations. Love.

I think it’s really cool that the cast of Sesame Street added a muppet with autism. Really awesome and it’s really going to teach kids that they’ll meet other kids who are different.

Esther and Adora teamed up to create this beautiful piece in which two West African Girls talk love. I loved it.

Are you watching Big Little Lies? I reviewed the book here and I think the screen adaptation is really good. Great acting. The abuse scenes are a bit disturbing to me anyway. For some reason I don’t remember the book being that graphic.

I loved reading Pemi’s take on what Efuru, the character in Flora Nwapa’s book of the same name taught her. I loved it so much I bought the book lol! It should be pretty easy to find in Nigerian bookshops.

This post captures my thoughts on what blogging has become nowadays and how hard it is to find blogs with content that goes beyond “sponsored content” and is actually inspiring.

And on the topic of blogging, Kachi shared 5 ways to improve your blog in just a minute! Very important for bloggers.

A woman who was a proud ‘non-breeder’ changed her mind about having kids. Here’s why. This is a sweet read. I’m such a fan of people who allow themselves the life-changing luxury of changing their minds, because most times it is OK to change your mind.

George Saunders wrote about Grace Paley and it is absolutely delightful.

You know how I am about books, so I have allll the heart eyes for this book laden loft.

A lot of the time when you turn your creative skills into a business, you lose the joy in creating. This post by Phidelia drives that thought home and here, a writer tells how he revived his creative energy (hint: do something else for a while, like watch trains maybe).

I didn’t know Rio Ferdinand, the English footballer lost his wife to cancer. He’s doing a documentary about helping men cope with the loss of a spouse. His experience is heartbreaking. Loss is so hard.

Wanna start something new? A creative venture? A  business? A blog? Here’s why you should start, no matter how not ready you feel you are.


Podcast Episode Suggestions:

This month was #TryPod month in which podcast listeners try to get their friends and family and people who’ve (tragically) never listened to a podcast to #trypod. Here’s my contribution:

Sidebar: Would you be interested in a post solely about podcast listening, where to find, my top 10 and how to get into listening to them? I’d love to do one.

Strangers: The latest episode of Strangers is gut-wrenching. It’s so sad what some people have to live through.

This episode of Criminal is the story of Kim Dadou, a victim of domestic violence who was jailed for killing her abuser.

Have you seen Moana? I loved listening to this episode of Nerdette with one of the animators of the cartoon.

Dear Sugar Radio had two fantastic episodes this month. This one about how ‘ghosting’ your friends or being ghosted makes people feel and this one about how the choice to have or not have kids can affect a marriage.

Sidebar: ‘ghosting ‘as in disappearing from a person’s life with no reasons given. Not ghosting like dead people.

On Only Human this week: Julia never had a reason to wonder why grandma loved Vicks so much, but this week’s episode reveals grandma’s love for the product is deeper than Julia imagined. And while investigating grandma’s (and the world’s) Vicks obsession, Julia is pulled into her family’s past, back to Cuba, before the Revolution. This was a deeply enlightening episode.


Hashtag Authentic is a podcast by Sara Tasker for online creatives. She addresses issues faced by creatives and I especially love this episode with Tara Swiger in which they discuss finding your right people online.

How I Built it is a great podcast for entrepreneurs/budding entrepreneurs/people who are just curious about the behind the scenes of business. I love hearing about the numerous failures and the persistence that leads to a successful business. It’s actually my favorite podcast this month. Try this episode with Sara Blakely, the creator of Spanx and this hilarious episode with the creator of airbnb (what a tale!)

Terrible, Thanks for Asking is also a great podcast. Start with this episode.

Photographer Inspiration of the month: Freya Dowson


Freya is an international documentary/lifestyle photographer who is soo down to earth! I sent her an instagram message and she replied immediately and she was just so nice! Her photography feels close to my style so I really see her as a kindred spirit of sorts. I love her blog so much. She started vlogging on YouTube just recently as well.



Honestly, the only new music I’ve been listening to is this one from the Moana  Soundtrack and this one from the Flash musical episode. I’ve also been LOVING Leon’s EP. It’s fantastic, guys. Give this girl a listen.

Videos Around the Web:

Mo’ Adeniran on the Voice Uk has such a unique voicee. I love this performance.

Did you see the trailer for Hakkunde? It was shot in Lagos and Kaduna and stars Frank Donga!

This performance of Celine Dion’s I drove all Night is amazing and so different from any way I’ve heard it!

Did you catch this 12 year old SLAYING at singing Sia’s ‘Chandelier‘?!

Did you get around to watching Bariga Sugar yet?

This animation explores how to talk to your parents. So practical! Especially for young people, but definitely not limited to.


My favorite thing this month is definitely this revamped site! I’m so pleased with how it looks. I’ve however lost all my bloglovin’ followers so if you ever used to follow on Bloglovin’ or you’d like to follow, please just use the button below.


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Also, my friend Nat made me the bestt homemade deodorant and my life is changed. I’ve always had trouble with the new “anti-perspirant” wave of deodorants and I’ve been searching for natural options for over a year. Maybe she’ll share her recipe with you guys sometime, haha. It’s really effective and I hardly ever have to reapply during the day which is amazing because I live in the Caribbean with all the sweaty weather.

I completed one book this month: Second Class Citizen by Buchi Emecheta and it was a 3 star book to me. It was OK. I’m looking forward to reading Efuru in April.

I did two photo sessions this month and also started my family medicine rotation this month. Also participated in a really cool glow run. March was packed! In April, I’m looking forward to:

An exciting giveaway at the beginning of April!

Our Memorial on the 11th

Our Increase Your Faith assembly on the 23rd

A photosession or two this month, fingers crossed

A couple of book reviews hopefully (because I’m reading some exciting stuff!)

Whew! What a list. This blog post took over three hours to write, from link selection to actual writing to editing. I love these end of month posts so much and I hope you guys do too.

Tell me: What did you read this month? What was the highlight of your March? What are you looking forward to in April? AND if you read/have read any of the links, tell me what you think!

Afoma x