Photo Session| Ndidi

Ndidi and I shot at the Financial Complex in St Vincent. We had been a bit nervous as to whether we’d be allowed to go into the complex (where the Prime Minister’s Office is!) but #smallislandvictories, no one really cared. I LOVE the architecture of the complex and we had actual perfect golden hour lighting. I creatively direct all my shoots as well as give wardrobe advice, but welcome contributions from the client. Ndidi did her own hair and make up. Enjoy the photos.

Halfway through we found a flower for her hair. I enjoy playing with perspectives and settings during a session.


How stunning do her eyes look in this?!

Watch the video I made during the shoot here.

Creative portraits are high on my list of favorite shoots to do. If you’re in St Vincent & the Grenadines and would love to book a photo shoot, holla at me by clicking the ‘Work With Me’ tab in the menu.

Love, Afoma.