Hello my lovelies!

How’s the first day of March going for you? I’m starting off this post currently sitting for a minute in between pediatric surgeries (I’m on my peds surgery rotation right now). February was mostly a really good month for me. I had a few disappointments; actually a week in which nearly every single day, I was disappointed by something not working out as it should. BUT, we move still. There were great days, weeks even and even on the “bad” days, there were good moments.

Personal: This past month, I completed Jowhor Ile’s book, which I also reviewed here on the blog (and highly recommend). I also had two photo sessions, one with my cousin and the other on a trip with a few friends to Dark View Falls here in St Vincent.

I finished my orthopedics rotation and started on Pediatric surgery (which I’ll be finishing next week). ALSO, I took a trip to the Tobago Cays with a group of my friends and it was THE BEST EXPERIENCE. Just in awe of nature.


Here are a few things I enjoyed in February:

Articles around the web:

Get out now (not the movie) makes a case for paying closer attention to our surroundings and how rejuvenating this can be.

This story about a two year old who lost a race because he wanted to go hug his dad is SO CUTE!

How doing one thing at a time enhances your clarity of purpose. This was very enlightening.

Fitness buffs, would you consider an active holiday?

Bolstered by the Mantis by Caroline Donofrio is a fictional dating story that will go straight to your heart.

How exercise shapes you, far beyond the gym.

I had so many feelings after reading this. Friendship is so powerful; it could easily be the greatest love we ever experience.

Is celibacy a requirement for Christian ministers; what the bible really teaches.

So, apparently there are four kinds of introversion. This was interesting to discover.

How do you feel about an adventure wedding? Regardless of how you feel, the scenery in these wedding photos will take your breath away.

Blog Finds:

I love finding lifestyle blogs with great photography and useful tips; express-o is a daily lifestyle blog with multiple short and sweet posts per day. In love.

I had no idea Caroline finally started a blog about books. According to Eye Level Mag’s about page:


If that sounds in your neighborhood, then head on over to EyeLevel Mag.

Podcast episodes: 

‘The weight of Love’ on Dear Sugar discusses how body weight and image factors into relationships. It features Lindy West, who I’ve fallen a bit in love with after that episode, haha.

Pabba’s 32nd year on Strangers. Sigh. Pabba’s looking for love (and he’s not bad looking!) His Indian parents created a profile for him on a dating site; it’s pretty interesting and sweet and funny.

If you’re a hardcore Greys Anatomy fan, you’ll remember the episode which is based on this woman’s story. Only Human has her story.

Videos around the web

This #EatTogether ad is so important. Since moving to the Caribbean, I’ve come to appreciate sitting at a table and just eating together; something I didn’t do much back home.

This video about what the Ransom accomplishes got me teary.

After the Oscars, I’m really excited to watch the movie ‘Lion’. Have you seen the trailer?

Leon’s ‘Liar’ has a music video! Remember her from last month’s playlist? There’s also an interview with her here.

No one does a house tour like Claire. She’s doing it in sections. Here’s her living room. Her video editing skills are serious goals. PLUS, I love her space.

I have some exciting updates this month and I’m excited to share as soon as I can. I am looking forward to the following in March tho:

The JW Broadcast for March.

A Glow Run I’m doing this weekend.

At least two photo sessions this month. #Anticipate.

Starting a new rotation.

Completing the thrilling book I’m readingggg.

I’m on the hunt for great Nigerian lifestyle bloggers, not fashion bloggers; people who blog about life, relationships, food, productivity, career etc -basically real life. Show meee.

What did you do in February? What life tweaks do you plan to do in March? Do you have anything exciting planned? Please share 🙂

Till soon, Afoma x