Heyyy lovely people!

I actually had two blog posts planned for this week but the way my week is set up… I decided to put this post up for y’all. I honestly did not read that much stuff online this month, but I hope you’ll the enjoy the few great things I found.

In August I finished 3 months of internal medicine and started Pediatrics (which I’m loving more than I expected!). I learned to make homemade ice cream and shared a recipe here. I also read ONE book, the 4th one from my summer reading list. I started reading Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 which is intriguing so far! I spent a lot of hours preaching this month and honestly that really helps you focus on what’s important in life and quiets all the noise the world often provides.

August is also the month I moved house and being back to living on my own after having been a houseguest for the last few months means I get to meal plan and nest and other things. Here’s what I fed my mind with in August 😉

Articles around the web

This BrainPickings article about what Barack Obama’s mother taught him about love. I love what he says about Michelle in his book:

What sustains our relationship is I’m extremely happy with her, and part of it has to do with the fact that she is at once completely familiar to me, so that I can be myself and she knows me very well and I trust her completely, but at the same time she is also a complete mystery to me in some ways

Here’s why kids give up on math. *insert math hating eye roll*

If you missed Chimamanda’s live chat on the guardian, catch up here. As usual, she has insightful advice about writing.

A man proposed to his girlfriend on the plane and surprised her with a wedding mid air!

Four couples in Oregon are trying to ease the burdens and costs of modern parenthood by sharing a home, a truck, and nightly dinners. This is…interesting and worth a read.

Alain de Bottom on what makes us good communicators.

What makes people good communicators is, in essence, an ability not to be fazed by the more problematic or offbeat aspects of their own characters

Strange things happen when you live alone. When you’re no longer required to eat dinner at a particular time, or to close the bathroom door to shower, your relationship to the space around you changes. All of a sudden it is things, rather than other people, that seem to direct your thoughts. Claire Louise- Bennett’s debut book Pond record a series of moments in the life of an English woman living alone on the west coast of Ireland. Enjoyed this interview of her in The Paris Review.

So, who’s really your friend? This BrainPickings article is my favorite this month and my next blog post is all about friendship.

What to do with your tomatoes; yes, even those ones going soft.

Would you have a family honeymoon? This post got me soo excited! I’d love to do something like this for my honeymoon.

7 signs you’re a people pleaser. This got me.

You wanna try meal prepping but don’t know how to? Or you’re trying to up your meal prep game but not sure how to? Katharine, first year surgery resident shows us how. Good stuff.

What are you mad about? sigh.

Who knew New Zealand was so gorgeous and with oh so friendly people? Love.

Liane Moriarty talks about about what she’s currently reading and her favorite, favorite books, here.

What is it about adult female sleepovers?

What to NEVER say to guests in your home. This is good, guys.

Really loved this post about a mother’s body.


I’m definitely overloaded with great podcasts and sometimes I take an embarrassingly long time to decide which episode to listen to first. These are absolute faves this month and if you haven’t listened to any, you really should.

Love Me: is my newest addition. It’s a peek into the relationships of the people around you. The first episode is so entrancing and is the story of a couple who when they met didn’t speak the other person’s language.The first few minutes include a mention of 13 untranslatable words that detail the complexity of love. I loveee this episode.

This episode of Radiolab about the girl who doesn’t exist is so fascinating!

In the ‘Seasons‘episode of the Robcast, Rob Bell speaks on the need to let go of seasons in our lives.

Hidden Brain did this episode in the spirit of Rio 2016 and discusses interesting human psychology reflected in faces of winners and losers the second they cross the finish line. It’s riveting!

This episode of Magic Lessons (Know the taste of failure) is so important in life.

Nik Nak did a new VoiceNotes episode about non musical sounds and people like the weirdest sounds, like knife going through yam and hands through raw beans. I’m all about the sound of water in motion and whirring fans.

The power of books and reading is clear in the latest episode of Criminal, in which a convict becomes an editor of the Merriam Webster encyclopedia after he discovers an error in the information. This convict who could barely read before he was arrested. It made my evening.

TV & The YouTube

Guyssss, literally the only show I watched this month is Parenthood. I’m currently on the third season and I cannot believe I never watched this before now. The Braverman clan is such a family. In every episode, there’s at least a single moment when I catch myself wishing my extended family was half as cool and we had a garden where we could dinner once every week. sigh.

This season of The Voice is shaping up nicely, going by this 17 year old’s rendition of Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’.

How single girls discuss relationships. Too funny.

Throwback to Denice Frohman’s ‘Accents’ poem. I will never get over this.


This song by Johnny Stimson played on one of the recent Pretty Little Liars episodes. Love it.

I’ve had Hailey Steinfield’s EP  ‘Haiz‘ on replay lately.


Pediatrics is turning out to be the most pleasant surprise, considering how unwilling I was to do this rotation so early on and how convinced I was that I’d hate it. Going to work everyday to see the cutest little humans makes every early morning perfectly OK to me. Kids are such a joy. It’s heartbreaking when things go south, but getting to tickle kids in clinic and chat about Elsa and Olaf and Dora the explorer really make my day. I guess all I’m saying is I love it.

I took some photos of kids at a beach picnic and I really like them <3 More on my instagram.

DSC_0597DSC_0621 (1)IMG_3056

I’ve been obsessed with interior decor lately and spend hours  time going from the house tours on Cup of Jo to apartment therapy to design sponge. Give me all the tiny apartments with natural light streaming innn.

JW broadcasting is really what I’ve got streaming 95% of the time.

My mum recently sent me a care package of Nigerian foodstuff and I got a bit emotional over crayfish. It was intense.

I’m looking forward to September (well, we’re already here); spending time with myself and living more intentionally, trying new recipes (and remembering to take pictures for you guys), finishing my Murakami book and doing more pediatrics. I’m most likely starting surgery at the end of September, sigh. More busy, busy, busy.

How was August for you? Congratulations to Cassie on starting her housejob! And Eziaha is publishing a book! Let me know how August was for you. I’ve already seen Kachi’s goals for September, but tell meee, what are you excited about this month?

Till soon, Afoma x