Hey guys,

How’s it going? Long time no style post. I’ve been trying to at least do one post a month but IM life was so stressful with all the early mornings. Hopefully I’ll leave home later with family medicine and squeeze in some tripod time. I don’t enjoy shooting with a tripod to be honest, but what can you do?

My host when I stayed in Barbados gifted me this necklace the day before our convention and she hadn’t even known it would match my dress so perfectly, but it did! Kindness is so important to me because we all need it. Of course, many a time we fail to be as kind and giving as we know we should be, but let’s not give up in giving a hand or shoulder to people who need either.


Thrifted this dress while I was in the states and even though it’s two sizes larger,I adore it. I think coral is such a great color for my skin tone. Love it.


Lately, I’ve received a lot of kindness and it is simultaneously humbling and inspiring, so I’m trying to be even more patient and loving and understanding because that’s the least I can give to the people I know. So take some time this week to do something kind for someone you know.

How was your weekend? Spent mine in another town visiting friends, preaching, getting some beach time and just taking time to breathe a little. Looking forward to catching up on a bit of life this week since I’ve completed my IM rotation (and shelf exam!).

Anything you’re excited for this week? Let me know!