Hello my darlings!

Thank you for all your kind words & tweets about my last post. You all mean so much. Thank you. Spent a lot of time this week reading all the stuff in my pocket app, because I just couldn’t get around to much of it earlier in the month. You guys, this month was both so fast and seemingly unending. I also watched a number of good movies this month. Okay, here we go:

Articles from around the web:

Here’s how children respond when parents have a favorite child.

LOVE this piece by Osemhen about men loving their wives through life’s changes, especially after marriage.

Michelle Marshall captures the diversity of redheads of color, and it’s stunning.

Perhaps you should try out slow parenting? Jo shares how slow paced time spent with kids changes things.

If you’re a salad fiend like I am, you’ll love these four tips for making restaurant quality salads at home.

Few articles have described loneliness as well as this BrainPickings article.

Cities can be lonely places, and in admitting this we see that loneliness doesn’t necessarily require physical solitude, but rather an absence or paucity of connection, closeness, kinship: an inability, for one reason or another, to find as much intimacy as is desired. 

Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and friendships. Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato’s Billboard interview is a glimpse into a sweet friendship.

Did you know that empathy is actually a choice?

24 simple ways to more mindfulness.

Love, Love the emails of Natalie Portman and Jonathan Safran Foer.

Trying to develop a green thumb? This NikNak post about herbs to grow at home is a good start.

Kachi interviewed Rayo and they spoke about mental illness and John Boyega. It’s such a great interview, guys.

How the camera adds all those pounds to your face (and probably why your selfie game is not 100).

11 women with their shit together– one of the best things I read this month. Read it.

This post about reducing drama in your circle/friendships is super helpful.

The actual best thing I read this month is this: Should I marry him?

Caroline’s adult (phone-free) summer camp experience makes me want to do one too!

Don’t call yourself a loser in your twenties. Heather Havrilesky is such a fave this month.

Until you meet the people who really understand what you’re made of, and what you have to offer, it can be really difficult. I think that a lot of people, when they’re really young, they take all of the mismatched energy in their lives, like [problems in relationships], …and they turn it in on themselves thinking, “I’m the only one who doesn’t fit.”

The good thing about accepting your flaws, accepting who you really are, accepting the emotions that drive you… and being led by these things, is that it leads you to the people who DO love someone who has the qualities and affinities and flaws that you have.

The path to lowkey fitfamming aka easy ways to incorporate exercise into your routine.

Ellen Pompeo embraces aging. Here’s why.

Excuse me, sir. Can I borrow your swagger?– Why bravado seems to come easier to men.


I started listening to Only Human this month and I LOVE it. So Much. It focuses on humans (with illnesses). It’s really changed my perspective about illness and how we deal as humans. Two of my favorite episodes at the moment (and great places to start listening) are Growing up ugly & The Prank Your Body Plays on Life.

I also started listening to a quirky podcast called Sawbones.Every Friday, they dig through the annals of medical history to uncover all the odd, weird, wrong, dumb and just gross ways we’ve tried to fix people over the years. This episode about the history of tea is my faveee. And so educational!

The latest episode of Dear Sugar Podcast is intense. And features Roxane Gay. The Sugars respond to a letter they received during the flurry of media attention on the Stanford rape case. The writer — who calls herself “Survivor, Lover, Feminist” — has just been told by her long-time partner and best friend that, when he was in high school, he got “black-out drunk” and raped a girl who was drunk and unconscious. “Survivor, Lover, Feminist” is, herself, a survivor of sexual assault. She asks the Sugars if rapists can truly be reformed and how she can justify loving one.

Liz Gilbert’s Magic Lessons podcast is back with a bang! Allll of the lessons are in the latest episode.

A lot of Invisibilia listeners have said they don’t like this season as much as the first, but I love it. Couldn’t even pick just one episode for the spotlight. So, listen to this episode about how clothes affect us and our abilities and this one about how responding to hostility with warmth switches things up.

On the Tube:

This acapella patty cake style performance of Adele’s Send my love started my month off just right 🙂

I had to go back to Carvens Lissaint’s performance of his ‘Love Poem’ when I recommended it to a friend. It’s still as amazing as the first time I heard it <3 (poem starts at 3:41)

I mentioned the ‘Me Before You’ soundtrack last month, but now I’m obsessed with this particular song  by the X Ambassadors, off of it.

Hey medfolks, did you already know of the Marcus Gunn Jaw Winking reflex? Pretty amazing.

Then Mario and Zendaya performed ‘Let Me Love You’ and I felt incredibly old watching it, even though Mario looks and sounds exactly the same.


I watched ‘Me Before You’, three times this month, once with friends. I love it so much. I think reading the book makes the movie even 3827x better because the actors really do a fantastic job.

I also watched Amelie this month. It’s such an odd film, but I couldn’t stop watching. And it’s French (WITH SUBTITLES, Will Trainor). If you’re open to odd, then try it and let me know what you think. I chuckle just thinking of it.

Watched ‘Love Actually’ for the first time this month. I knowww. Its a cute movie. Keira Knightley’s face makes everything perfect. And how charming is Hugh Grant in it?

Re-watched The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants 2 & Eat Pray Love. Sigh. Always perfect.

Currently curating a list of re-watchable movies/life movies/great movies. Please send recs, thanks.

Favorite things

Traveled to Barbados at the beginning of the month for an inter-island convention ^_^

Attended the launch of a cancer support organization for the island held at French Verandah. Excited about Project Pink and the decor and location was gorgeous.

My cousin got her white coat! Made me a bit nostalgic for when I got mine :’)


There are more updates in this post from last week 😉

Only things on the table for August at the moment are an obstacle run on the 1st, exams and starting family medicine.

How was July for you? Any highlights? Tell meee. 

Afoma x