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I feel like I haven’t quite been present on here as much as I’d like. By present, I mean, wholly, heart and mind. This has mostly been because I’ve been busy and I’ve had sooo much happening in life lately. For a long time, I felt like I just could not catch a break. I’ve learned so much about drawing strength in times of trouble and letting other people help you. I’ve also definitely had my resilience refined and I’m learning to hope even when there doesn’t seem to be much of a reason to.

I eventually got my Step 1 results, two months late (for reasons I can’t even begin to go into right now) and I PASSED.

I was “on call” for the first time last Friday (basically at the hospital the whole day Friday and then slept over and rounded on my patients in the morning before I came home) and I thoroughly enjoyed it, probably because it was quite busy, with a good number of new admissions.

I’ve been on the internal medicine service for 11 WEEKS now and I have one more week which is technically just three days because Monday is a holiday here and Friday is my exit exam (which I am super stressed about).

I’ve been writing travel articles for the Guardian Life magazine for the last two months; so exciting!

I haven’t written fiction since the beginning of this year and I’m not sure how I feel about it, really. I’m afraid that I might not even care anymore. Or maybe that’s just the side effect of life this year?

I booked my first wedding photography gig for the end of the year and I’m super stoked!

I keep going back and forth about ways to improve this blog’s content. I want to write more personal pieces, but I don’t feel brave enough, really. I feel like a lot of my vulnerability has been chipped in recent times; I feel more guarded about sharing on my blog which is a bit sad, because that’s the whole point of the blog, isn’t it? I’m working on being braver though and putting out better content.

My next rotation is Family Medicine and I’m so excited to work in a department that starts off at 9am and is just more relaxed.

I’ve been itching to do something different creatively, but I haven’t decided. I’m open to interviews and collaborations or working creatively on any projects. So if you’re working on anything that you think I could help with, shoot me an email and let’s see.

I’ve also been grappling with a lot of questions about life, love, friendship and change. What happens when your idea of success and fulfillment begins to change? And what do you do when what you want in life starts to change? It’s a bit scary, really.

What have you been doing lately? Any adventures? Any new favorite things you’ve been doing?

My monthly faves will be up at the end of this weekend! Keep an eye out <3