Cloud 9: A new place to shop in SVG

Hi there!

Did you have a good weekend? I did! We had a long weekend here and the week started just today for me. I know the weekend is even more far reaching for people in Nigeria. Last week I stopped to check out a small, (not so) new department store which opened on the island late last year… And I loved it!

They stock everything from home/decor (throw pillows, decorative pieces, picture frames, coffee maker, table lamps, throws and duvets etc) to clothing, shoes, swimsuits, stationery and even skin/hair care products which are in the retail store on the ground floor. The first floor is their furniture showroom.

My favorite thing about Cloud9 is that they have really unique pieces; stuff that’s hard to find on an island this small and somewhat remote. The prices are also super affordable. See for yourself!

This is not a sponsored post (I wish!) but you should go have a look.

Find them on Instagram @cloud9svg and the store itself is in the gap just next to the Salvation Army (right by the ACE store in Kingstown). If you get lost, you could just call 534-900. Or visit their website here.

Enjoy what’s left of the week! x