Hi there, lovely people of the internet,

It’s me again with all the good stuff I’ve seen, read, listened to and experienced this month. June was an alright month. I made a bunch of new (good) friends, saw a lot of patients, didn’t sleep enough, ate a lot and listened to new music (courtesy, new friends). I’m starting July with a trip to one of my favorite places for a convention and I’m so excited!

In the meantime, here’s the stuff:

Articles around the web:

This is the absolute most enlightening thing I read all month. Love it. Why do we like what we like? What even is taste?

Can reading make you happier?

Did you see this photo reel of real Barack Obama moments? Love.

Ife says we why need to banish cynicism; something I struggled with this month.

My fave, Caroline Donoforio is back and blogging about books. Great recommendations here!

This tongue-in-cheek New Yorker article about ‘Quitting your job to travel the world’ made my day.

I finally got around to reading Paul Kalanithi’s heartbreaking book mentioned in my summer reading list. Sigh. Read this if you’re not sure who he is.

How cute is it that this woman’s mum photobombed her husband’s photo years before they met!

Thinking of starting this show. The New Yorker has great reviews of books and movies.

A case for long distance relationships. I enjoyed reading this.

Uche’s ‘Long Hair’ took me straight back to secondary school. It’s also very funny. Read it.

I always wondered what it’s like to work for Uber and other on-demand service providers. This article sheds some light.

A couple re-marry after divorcing each other. What changed?

This portrait of friendship in the face of cancer broke my heart.

You know I had to have this brainpickings article with my mama Cheryl Strayed on the latent recognition of how our seemingly unremarkable experiences add up to our becoming.

Alithnayn wrote this lovely non-fiction piece about dating an older man.

Here’s how you tiptoe around a depressed mother.

Did you catch my review of Yaa Gyasi’s ‘Homegoing‘? Read her piece on the difference or lack thereof being African and Black in America here.

Shame, by Warsan Shire <3

KitchenButterfly published her letter to her twenty year old self again on Medium. I’d read it on TNC, but it’s worth a second mention.

Silence is the enemy for doctors with depression. Please take care of yourself, and seek help.

You know a Tracee Ellis Ross interview gotta feature. She’s so articulate.

Lucy Kalanithi on why being a widow doesn’t end your marriage. Sigh.

I’ve been practicing mono-tasking since I read this.

Why can’t we just ditch small talk altogether? I’m here for this article.

An Open Letter to Young Women Considering a Career in Surgery. This is so necessary.


June was podcast mania month. Whoo! I enjoyed every second. I found a few new good ones to enjoy (new to me, obviously).

Dear Sugar Podcast: I cannot believe I didn’t start listening to this soon after I read the book. Better late than never. Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond give fantastic advice with the help of a guest in each episode. It makes for great listening. Guys, listen to this episode to begin. I’m currently making my way through ALL of the episodes.

Here’s the thing with Alec Baldwin: someone described his voice as velvet. I literally only listened for his voice but now I’m hooked! It’s conversations with his famous and not so famous friends. Love this one with Sarah Jessica Parker. I’m excited to listen to his interview with Julie Andrews.

Millenial: is a fantastic podcast by Megan Tan about navigating your twenties. The newest episode is about what happens when you discover that some of your friends are from richer and more privileged families and don’t have to work half as you have to. It’s great.

Are you following Strangers‘ ‘Summer Of Love’? Adore this episode.

Tig Notaro and Gillian Flynn are on Nerdette and its one of my favorites yet.

INVISIBILIA CAME BACK! This episode explores whether our personalities are fixed and why it’s so scary to believe that personalities are totally subject to change.

The newest episode of This American Life about why people deliberately make the wrong choice is fascinating. So is this one on how to teach little children about difficult things like sex and death.

ALSO, Nik-Nak started something podcast-y. I’m excited about Voice Notes.

This Hidden Brain episode is great. A 42 year old woman explains why her baby blanket is still comforting. I enjoyed this.


I’ve found mostly singles this month, not albums. Here are some of my faves:

Chainsmokers ft. Daya – Don’t Let Me Down

Cobi- Don’t you cry for me

Rachel Platten‘s album Wildfire– Listen to Stand By You

Halsey‘s Badlands album- Listen to New Americana

I also think the Me Before You soundtrack is worth a listen.

Movies & YouTube:

I watched ‘Hello, My Name Is Doris‘. It was alright, very funny at times, but mostly okay.

I binge-watched the entire first season of Code Black and I’m looking forward to season 2!

In this Skin Deep video, a couple discuss their 45 year age gap and how it makes them feel. It’s sweet.

Lidia Yuknavitch’s TedTalk about being a misfit got me.

A friend put me on to Kevin Yang’s ‘How to Love Your Introvert’ poem and I have all the heartssss.

Favorite Things:

I contributed as a Travel writer in the GuardianLife magazine! I’m pretty much going to be there every third Sunday for a bit, so look out!

I passed my six week mark for internal medicine rotation, aka 50% done.

Actually read 4 books this month, HELLUR.

Saw the most stunning sunset.

I went on a hike along the Vermont Trail here in St Vincent and it was just great.


Published my first style post shot by myself using a tripod. It’s not the best but I’m super proud of it.

What was June like for you? Watch anything you like? Read any good books? Go anywhere new? How’s life? Tell me!