Hello there!

Long time no style post! I’ve essentially been without a photographer to document my stylish escapades in recent times. I have also not been in the mood to wrestle my tripod and change lenses and smile two seconds before the camera’s shutter sound at six in the morning (which is around when these photos were taken). One weekend though, I got tired of all my excuses and just figured out how to set up my tripod, the best length, best angles and decided I’d photograph every outfit that week.

I only did this one outfit. I was so irritated with the way the photos came out, the in and out lighting and the weird angles but you’ve got to start somewhere, innit?

I’ve gone on and on about how H&M makes my favorite blouses and this is a good example. These pants debuted on the blog here and are such a favorite. I didn’t realize how bright they were until my intern said when I wore them

‘Oh? Red Pants’

Also hated the initial bare neck so I put on a necklace for subsequent shots. What do you think? Bare necked or necklaced?


Dressing for work has been my favorite thing! I haven’t worn jeans once in over a month! Do you like dressing formally? Or do you miss the jeans lifestyle (if you can’t wear them to work). Let me know!

Till soon, Afoma x