you say it’s over and i laugh.
you think we should take it slow;
take a break is actually what you say,
but what’s the difference?

i no longer know where you end and i begin
because together we are the yellow of youth and sunshine
there’s no red and green anymore-
just us and the light of our love

our love was magenta,
the red and blue are now lost
in the hue of what was.
how dare you ask me to move on?
how dare you ask me to find myself again?

the warmth of our love is
the dipping sun
and all that we dreamed we’d be
is reduced to the half life of an orange horizon

our love was snow on the mountain top
and i was not prepared for the avalanche
it was the fragile thing i let teeter on
the edge
because i thought we were the exception

so don’t tell me to move on
because now some of my music is yours
and i’ll never watch another movie without
hearing your commentary
or read anything without your face in my mind
because a few words have changed meanings since you.