Hi there,

I’ve been on the internal ┬ámedicine service for the last 3 weeks (by this Friday). I’m enjoying it so much, it literally feels like time is flyinggggg by! Minus standing for two to three hours in one go and occasionally forgetting to eat lunch, it’s perfect.

Here are the on the go resources stuffed in my white coat pocket everyday:

First off, Stethoscope, which I like to wear across the back of my neck, then, my ID. I carry this Maxwell quick reference guide in my coat’s breast pocket. It is literally life saving for history taking, checking out normal lab values and even writing SOAP notes. No idea what I’d do without it. Also, gotta have as many pens as I can carry in my pocket, because sometimes your superiors borrow your pens. Then there’s my penlight.


My lower pockets contain this Medicine Pocket book which is great for finding quick information on your feet. Also have my phone for that quick medscape check during ward rounds. This tiny moleskine notebook is the perfect size for my pocket. Love it. I usually have a hand sanitizer and lipbalm in my pocket. I carry a ‘borrowed-from-the-hospital’ tourniquet in my pocket, just so I don’t have to look for one every time I need to draw blood. Last, but not least, my reflex hammer.


If I liked chocolate as much as the average person, I guess I’d have a bar in my pockets? I usually don’t. It also gets really hot and I have an irrational fear of melted chocolate irreversibly staining my white coat, hohoho.

Med students in the house, what are your favorite things to stuff your white coats with?

Afoma x