Hey there lovelies,

It’s May. I turned 21 this month. It was a public holiday here on my birthday. There was something so monumental about turning 21. This is of course mostly psychological, but it felt like the start of a new phase of life (which has been topsy turvy and good at the same time lately). Anyway, I read a ton this month, even squeezing in two books toward the end of the month and I got soo much new music. I’m also back in the Caribbean (which, honestly felt like coming home) and back in the hospital for rotations. I’m currently on internal medicine and I am enjoying it so much. I love being grilled and pushed and learning so much. It’s addictive, the white coat, being mistaken for a doctor, drawing blood, writing patients’ notes. Love all of it. Okay, let’s get down to the business of the day, shall we?

Articles around the web:

First off, Mia is back. She’s been through a ton, but she’s back now. Alive and healthy. I’m thankful.

Katharine writes my favorite things about love. Someone asked if her fiance was the first man she ever loved. And she wrote this. Below is an excerpt.

Real love is like coming home, and sometimes there’s work to be done and dishes to be cleaned and floors to be swept – but love is that feeling of wanting to work through the mess, because you’re there, you’re safe, you’re home.

New Girl fans, you’ll love this.

A wife explains why she always asks for pictures of herself and husband without their kids. I loved reading this.

I can’t believe it took me this long to find Roger Ebert. This post about some things he’s learned from losing the love of his life (and about the difficulty of life in general) is like a warm, wise hug. Read it, if life’s a bit hard now. Excerpt:

Be OK with yourself. Know that you’re handling things as well as they can be handled. Know that you’re not being punished, even though it might feel that way. That you didn’t “deserve” it.

I’m reading Susan Sontag’s diaries and I’m intrigued by the woman. Can we really know Sontag?

Not sure what to wear? Here are five outfits that work every single time.

Did you read this incredible account of a woman being a surrogate for her friend? It’s eye-opening and heartrending.

Alll of the things you could do with ladders.

For all of you who think Grey’s anatomy shouldn’t still be on (you’re wrong). Take this.

I loved Fran’s interview on Elyse’s blog about life in and outside med school.

An Indian boy, his porn habit and a “good Indian girl”. This piece of fiction on The New Yorker is great.

THIS IS THE CUTEST THING I READ THIS MONTH. READ IT. It’s 23 questions to ask your kids about mummy.

I wrote about losing my voice, and how I learned to listen even better (and pick my battles).

How should you feel on your ex’s wedding day? Annie gets honest.

My fave, Tracee Ellis Ross On beauty as truth, self love and good content.

Do you season your salad greens with salt and pepper? This and more cooking tips here.

I’m excited about Yaa Gyasi’s new book ‘Homegoing’. Here’s a New Yorker ‘excerpt’.

This thought provoking piece explores how Americans pretend to love ‘ethnic’ food.

In a world of constant entertainment, why are we so bored?

A woman followed her mother’s digital footprints after her death and learned so much about her.

Kissing is so intimate. I love these photos of kisses. This is one of my faves.

Pharaoh Haywood receives a kiss from his daughter during a "Get On the Bus" visiting day to Folsom State Prison
Pharaoh Haywood receives a kiss from his daughter Isis, 2, of Sacramento, during a “Get On the Bus” visiting day to Folsom State Prison arranged by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) and the Center for Restorative Justice Works (CRJW) in Folsom, California July 26, 2014. Buses with children and their caregivers traveled free of charge to two prisons, as part of an outreach program to reunite children with their incarcerated fathers. REUTERS/Elijah Nouvelage (UNITED STATES – Tags: CRIME LAW SOCIETY) – RTR408MN
I started listening to ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ (podcast) and I’m a tad obsessed with Ann Friedman, who’s one of the anchors. Read this interview with her.

This is the first thing I’ve read that encapsulates my love of solitude. It’s the fierce triumph of loneliness.

I adore Meryl Streep and this New Yorker piece dissecting her twenties.

types of people you’ll find at an airport. I’m totally number 5 (most of the time). Probably from traveling so often.

On the hunt for a new babysitter? Here are 8 interview questions.

Artist Anne Truitt on Vulnerability, the Price of Integrity, and What Sustains the Creative Spirit. This is probably my fave Brain Pickings post this month.

If John Boyega was your boyfrennnnn. Chuckle inducing.

What are your random turn ons? I didn’t realize it until now, but men with books is on my list too!

And if you somehow missed this ‘ask Polly’ reply to a woman who asks why men she dates never love her, getcho’ life. Read.


CALL YOUR GIRLFRIEND: Hosted by Aminatu Sow and Ann Friedman is a podcast for long distance besties everywhere. I love it sooo much. They discuss politics, pop culture and everything else with so much humor and seriousness all at once. It’s like having a catch up sesh with my girls. Start with this episode called JOMO (the Joy of Missing out).

Nerdette: Enjoyed immensely this episode with Anna Quindlen and Stephen King.

This American Life; what happens when you realize that your fundamental beliefs don’t line up with the people you want to be close to? ‘Who do we think we‘ are explores this.

RadioLab: Bigger than Bacon.

Stranger: Outside In; One day when her daughter was 1 month old, Nanna Balslev took the elevator to the top floor of one of the tallest buildings in Copenhagen. 

Hidden Brain: This episode was very eye opening for me; Airbnbwhileblack.

This is actually happening: A young girl gets kidnapped by a policeman.


Beyonce.Beyonce. Beyonce. I had a very Beyonce month and downloaded all of her albums except the first one. But I’m hooked on the Lemonade album and I think it is her best work yet. Current faves (which is really 80% of the album): All Night, Sandcastles, Sorry, Daddy Lessons.

Troye Sivan: I’d heard bits of his Blue Neighborhood album but officially got the entire this this week and I adore it. My faves are Blue and Too Good, in addition to the already mentioned Fools and Youth.

Ariana Grande’s new album, Dangerous Woman is smooooth. Leave Me Lonely and Touch It are my faves. Loved it so much, I went back to her ‘My Everything’ album. So good.

Love on the brain is my favorite ANTI song, because Grey’s anatomy. Downloaded the entire album and I’m slowly working through it.

Alicia Keys’ In Common is such a vibing songgg.


Claire makes me want to use a foundation I don’t need in this lovely video. Gosh, the woman makes stunning videos.

Look at these two beautiful men in this beautiful bromance.

Rihanna’s Love on the brain perfomance is yas.

Favorite Things

I attended my very first fashion show! And loved it. From the invite in a bottle 

to the cocktails to the fancy outfits. 

Yes, yes, yes. Also it was on a private island. 

Grateful to friends who invite you to cool events.

Chocolate ice cream + Hennessy is the best thing ever. Oh my goodness. I don’t even like chocolate ice cram but it’s so good with alcohol.

Peanut butter in smoothies. Especially smoothies with spinach in them. Drinking a green smoothie that tastes of mostly peanut butter makes me want to cackle because all I can taste is the yumssss.

The Girl In The Red Coat is such a great book! Here’s one of the many pictures I took while reading it. So many surprising twists in the plot. It’s a great debut novel.

 How did you find the month of May? Any new favorite blogs? Or music you’re loving? Point me in that direction!

Have a lovely weekend!

Afoma x