Thrift Finds

I developed a love for thrifting long before I knew that it was called thrifting, but I found about about proper thrift stores during my stay in Ukraine. A store called ‘Humana’ sold gently used clothing, shoes, scarves, bags and every article of clothing imaginable. At 16, I used to go and shop badly; buy nearly anything I liked that was in my size because it was ridiculously cheap. In time I realized that this wasn’t the way to do thrift shopping.

The purpose of buying second hand clothing should be to get at cheaper prices things you would be unable to afford if they were to be brand new. I recommend this post by Lindsay with tips on thrifting (if you’re interested in trying out the art of thrifting). My favorite tip (which I thrift by) is this one:

Be a Brand Brat

Because really if I’m going to buy something second hand, shouldn’t it be absolutely fabulous?

Case in point: This Steve Madden bag. Steve Madden bags retail for $70 and up, but on ThredUp (my favorite thrift website which you should check out), I scored it for $33. If I didn’t tell you, it had been ‘gently used’, you’d never know 😉 There’s also ebay for buying great second hand products in general.


Thrift stores and charity book stores/Good will/ Salvation army are also great with books. I got all three of these for 65cents. If you have a book buying problem (ahem), try stores like these. They’ll save you a buck or two.

I feel like I’ve certainly done my good deed for today, no? The economy is depressing. Any saving hacks are greatly appreciated.

I’m guessing the Nigerian equivalent of thrifting is ‘bend-down-select’?

Have you found any great second hand purchases? Are you for or against the practice? Let me know!

I hope you have a fantastic week!

Afoma x