Five Reasons you should Visit Lola’s SVG

Lola’s is a new cafe which opened last week Friday in Kingstown, St Vincent. I’ve been there twice in the last 24 hours. Apart from the fact that it’s a new experience that the island was dying for, here are five reasons why you should totally stop by:

1. The Ambiance is 100. It is at once cozy and airy. I love that in such a small space, there manages to be booths, bar stools and normal tables. The decor is so beautiful, I could sit there sipping on a coffee the whole day.

2. They serve a variety of light meals (which are really filling) ranging from desserts, coffee, breakfast, pasta, pizza to the great chicken wings and fish fries.

this picture and the two before it are by my friend Sabrina

I had a jambalaya on my last visit and buffalo wings and seasoned fries on my first visit. so yum. I really want to try the pasta next.

3. The to-go packaging is the cutest thing! I love the little boxes. Great idea.

 They serve drinks in these cute mason jars!

source: lolassvg on instagram

4. Quality: The food really is great. Service is impressive. Max wait time is 10 minutes and food is served HOT.

5. Pricing: is also not bad! Especially for the quality of service and food. Buffalo wings, fries and drink combo is 16.50 Eastern Caribbean Dollars. The jambalaya cost 20 EC. Most meals are under 20 except for the sea food pasta which is around 26 dollars.

Verdict: Yes, yes, visit Lola’s just next to Reliance stationary near Scotia bank, Kingstown, St Vincent.

and let me know what you think! I love it.

Afoma x