Hi guysss,

It’s that time of the month again! How did April go for you? For me, it was the best of times and it was the worst of times. I’m struggling to put my thoughts and feelings into a newsletter soon, so subscribe if you still haven’t here. I wrote Step 1! Results will actually be in soon (how crazy is that?!) I visited a new city. I caught a nasty, nasty cold and spent innumerable hours looking for a place to live (still haven’t found one) I did read one whole book and a ton of articles online this month. I also listened to some not so new music and a bunch of podcasts, but most of all, I started watching new TV shows and saw a number of good movies, new and old.

Shall we get the party started now?

Articles from around the web:

Did you SOMEHOW miss the Conversations series on A few wonderful women and I talked about our childhood experiences, life lessons and being female in Nigeria.

Emily Mcdowell’s empathy cards touched my heart so much. Read why she began to make cards like this one and see many more unconventional (but totally necessary) cards.


This funny video on Facebook makes me question whether we ever really grow up. Do we ever stop needing our parents?

I’m fascinated by Asians. I feel like they’re very similar to Africans in so many ways and yet differ almost as much from us. This video explores how Asians view racial relations in America. It’s enlightening.

Wanna put up art in your house, but no idea how to go about it? Here are 8 great tips.

Do you remember your friends’ sad anniversaries? Like when they lost a parent? Do you call them on days like these? This post explores whether you should and why.

Enjoyed this post profiling the incredible Warsan Shire.

Stop by NikNak and drool a bit over these coffee shops with me.

If you still haven’t read Elo’s “Water”, please fix yo’self.

Jad Abumrad is genius. And so is his podcast, RadioLab. Here’s the fascinating thought process behind it all.

Ever wondered what kind of dreams blind people have? Read this.

The gospel according to Garcia was very unnerving. Have you read it?

I greatly enjoyed reading Flannery O’ Connor’s thoughts on faith and dogma in this BrainPicking’s post.

I just got Paul Kalinithi’s book ‘When Breath becomes Air’ and I’m steeling myself to read it. I read this interview by his widow, in the meantime.

Esther shared seven reminders on her blog. They’re lit.

This cheeky article gives a step by step guide to writing like author Lorrie Moore. It’s pretty accurate.

Kate Bolick writes of the ways her mother’s life and hers intersect in this NewYorker article.

There has never been a more beautiful break up letter.

I am better at dry sadness than at cold anger, for I remained dry eyed until now, as dry as smoked fish, but my heart is a kind of dirty soft custard inside

My  mother is not a bird is gripping and heartbreaking.

Who knew Joyce Carol Oates was so interesting! Read her interview in The Paris Review here. 

“When did adults start caring whether or not their kids were safe, happy or popular?”

Love, love, love Twenty six skirt creator, Desola’s interview on Kachi’s blog.

Did you hear about the nine year old reporter who shows the grown folks how its done?

Chibuihe Light-Obi writes of wars, photographs and memory in this lovely piece.


I started reading so many new blogs this month, or rediscovered old blogs I used to follow religiously.

KacheeTee: Kachi is a lawyer and blogger. She blogs about life, love and law. I especially love this post about 8 productive things to do during work downtime and this one about lessons learned from her wedding ring. Her voice is refreshing and you can see how much she enjoys blogging. Gotta thank Desola for leading me to her blog!

A Cup Of Jo: I’ve been obsessed with this blog this month and it’s a bit funny because I’d been following her for over a year but barely read any of her posts. I’m especially obsessed with Caroline Donoforio, who’s an editor on A Cup of Jo. Caroline and her stunning bookshelf and excellent book recommendations. Here are three of my favorite posts:

On Living Alone

Becoming the Person You’re Meant to Be: features 12 AMAZING quotes from women we all know. Read this.

A tour of her cuteeeee apartment: Her bookshelf is #GOALS (she used to be an editor, so freebies)

Can you tell that she’s my crush of the month? Follow her on instagram carolinecala and feel free to get lost in the rabbit hole that is A Cup Of Jo. I especially love the Beauty Uniforms category.

LindsayLiving: Queen of thrifting, her blog is so cute! And she’s a schoolteacher. I adore her style. Go have a look!


Did you know there’s a blog for breakfast foods only?! It’s heaven and it’s called what should i eat for breakfast today? It’s what? Heaven. Especially for indecisive people, ahem ahem.


Listen to ‘in defense of Ignorance’ from This American Life and Open Case from Criminal. When is invisibilia coming bacckkkkk? ugh.

Also love this episode of Hidden Brain called ‘Grit’. How much grit is too much grit?


Currently loving Zayn Malik‘s new album (I promised feedback). It’s good! Especially beFOUR, sHE and rEAR vIEW.

Also gave Ella Henderson’s album ‘Chapter One’ a proper listen and it’s a great debut. Worth a listen. Try ‘Rockets’ and ‘Missed’.

ALSO, Finally listened to all of Brymo’s Tabula Rasa. I’d only listened to a few songs off of it. Love ‘Again‘, ‘Jele O Sinmi’ and ‘Fe Mi’, although I dare say the entire album is perfection. I’m excited for his new album out in May.


April was my month of TV, like whatttttt.

Rosewood: I’m obsessed with this show and a bit worried that it doesn’t have the best ratings because it’s good. It starts off slow but Morris Chestnut is perfectly cheeky as a private pathologist in Miami. Crime, romance, Miami. Love.


House: I started watching House (at last) and I love it! Hugh Laurie is something!

I watched a number of movies this month including cinema movies like Jungle book, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Barber Shop and old movies like Barefoot, You’ve Got Mail and The Best Man Holiday. They’re honestly all worth seeing. I loved all of them. The Jungle Book had such fantastic visuals. Great stuff.

Time to go now, my lovelies! I finished Helen Oyeyemi’s ‘what is not yours is not yours’ so expect a review on the blog this week!

Have a fantastic week!

Afoma x