OUT & ABOUT| Shakespeare and co.

Hello there,

This past weekend, I spent time in Lexington Kentucky with my friend Tiwa and her lovely family. We spent Saturday walking around Downtown Lexington and taking photos. By afternoon, I was starting to feel a bit sick and we were both hungry. Tiwa suggested we pop into a place she was apparently very excited about; Shakespeare and co. We were supposed to step in, look at the Shakespearean decor and step right back out after one or two pictures.

But then a waiter approached us immediately and the next thing I knew I was ordering the loveliest mint tea. Tiwa had water with a slice of lemon.

Something about being so comfortable in the plush settee with all those fluffy pillows and mint tea soothing my sore throat had me deciding to stay and ordering a spaghetti bolognese for $15. Tiwa had salmon crepes and a salad. She LOVED it. They also gave her more salad dressing when she asked. I think it was about $10. Both meals were so filling and I got a whole pot of tea!


Seriously obsessed with the decor.

The bolognese was so yum and there was so much meat! It was just all so comforting. Here for places that are warm and serve comfort food.

Ever chosen to eat somewhere just because of the ambience? Was it worth it?