STYLE| Repeat Offenders

Hi there lovelies!

I’m trying to get back into blogging and it’s been a bit tough but I miss it so much and I spent the morning going through old style posts. Very nostalgic.

I also realized that contrary to the popular opinion that one must own a giant unending closet or super expensive items to be a great style blogger, I’ve worn a number of items REPEATEDLY. Like in back to back posts and I thought this would be a helpful post to make. Maybe a little rummaging in that dusty ol’ closet will find you many a great discovery.

These H&M pants.

I’d gladly become a H&M ambassador because their clothes are super affordable and durable and so comfortable to wear. I’ve had these pants a little over two years and they’re still my favorite to wear.

You can click on the links to see the post.

L-R Rolling Stone|Beige|Green with Envy|Yellow|Denim Dash|Read about it

These Clark shoes: I’ve had them since 2012! We all know Clarks never die. They’re super comfortable to walk in and for a long time were the only heels I owned. Love emm.

L-R All about that lace|White coat|Blue|Twenty-six

H&M Blouses and shirts: I told you I should be a rep! H&M shirts and blouses always fit me perfectly and they’re always so simple and chic.

L-R STYLE| SEEING SIGNS|Turbanista|Official girl

Mix and Match: This loose white blouse from Primark is my favorite casual white top and I’m really enjoying wearing my ripped boyfriend jeans! I’ve done so much mixing and matching with them both, as well as these polka dot pants. Every once in a while I pair two never-before-worn-together items together and the outcome is always surprisingly alright!


This Blue Bag: SUCH a repeat offender that my mother has actually stopped me from wearing it because it was falling to pieces. It was always so easily the best pop of color without being blinding. ADORE.


Well, you’ve heard from me. Do you have anything in your closet that you’ve worn so much for so long (or not so long) that you know for sure you’ve got your money’s worth? Let me know!

Excited to spend time road-tripping this weekend and hang with a good friend. Also hoping I can get out some style posts soon!

Afoma x