Hello guys!

I really was going to scrap this month’s post but a few lovely people asked about it and made me all warm and fuzzy inside so I’m going to give y’all the goodiessss. March was a terribly busy month for me, seeing as my exam is on the 11th of this month (shudders). I still have so many great articles sitting in my Pocket app that I most certainly plan to devour as soon as I’m done. Best believe, April faves will be LIT. Okay, but here’s this month’s somewhat meager offering:

From Around the Web:

Guys, I just got excited thinking about how obsessed I’ve been with Helen Oyeyemi this past month, ahh. I LIKE HER. You know that love that is both writer crush and sort of person crush too? Yes, that. I love reading her interviews.

The web’s been talking about her new book, which I’m excited to get my hands on but first here’s this interview about the politics (or not) of writing black female characters.

In this npr interview,  “Oyeyemi says that she thinks of herself as “ugly but interesting,” and she’s happy with that. “It helps me to think more clearly, if that makes sense.”

My faveee Tracee Ellis Ross on Dining Solo, Dating Fearlessly, and the Secret to Glowing Skin. Such a great interview.

Chika Unigwe tells a few stories about the time before she became a writer in this delightful piece.

I just got my first book by Nayomi Munaweera and as I always do before reading new authors, I found this lovely Rumpus interview with her.

Love, love Elo’s Ten Lessons Blood Taught Me.

As a recovering hoarder and aspiring (not-monochrome) minimalist, I worry about the emphasis we put on clothes and stuff. This piece is an honest look at the complex relationship we have with the things we own.

Look at this beautiful poem by Timeyin Adegbeye.

I’ve been called ‘resilient’ a number of times and I think I am, so this article on ‘How people become resilient’ is fascinating to me. There’s a way to actually learn it!

Being in the medical field is one of the things that has completely reversed the way I view mental illness. ‘Runs in the family’ is a heartbreaking tale of the genetics of schizophrenia.

I liked reading this about Zayn Malik and Arabic representation in the media.

Adora’s writing brings me to my knees and I cannot wait to read longer pieces from her. If you’re not a member of the fan club, here’s your initiation piece. You’re welcome.

This piece shows an interesting reason why people seem unable to let go of unrequited romance.

Did you read this utterly unnerving NewYorker Daily Shout about the friend of your dad who thought it was great seeing you?

You know how much I love my sissy Sabirah. This month, she’s featured on Nene’s blog (which you should totally check out!) telling us all the things she’s lusting after.

Esther’s ‘Wind Mills’ is heartbreaking and hopeful all in one breath.

This spirited piece (which every man should read) forced you to examine what sort of person thinks he’s above any other human because, gender.

Podcasts: Let’s talk about Helen Oyeyemi some more, shall we?

Her Granta podcast reminds me of my friend Tiwa. It’s something about their similar hushed tones and trailing off at the end of sentences. Anyway, listen to this enchanting human.

Perhaps Definitely listen to Taiye Selasi on Granta’s podcast as well. Ah, that woman.

I’ve been loving ‘Invisibilia‘ this month. Especially this episode about a woman born devoid of the ability to feel fear. Fascinating stuff.

This episode of ‘Criminal’ in which a judge gave the most controversial penalty to three men who raped a woman.

I’m a bit in love with M.I after this episode of MyAfricaPodcast. He’s brilliant.

Also, Ian McEwan reads his story on the new New Yorker ‘Author’s Voice’ podcast (which I’m excited to follow. You can also just read it here BUT his accent is worth the MBs, really.

Music: Birdy’s new album ‘Beautiful lies’ is phenomenal. Wild Horses & Keeping your head up are current faves.

If you haven’t listened to Andra Day’s album, please change that. Start here.

This cover of ‘Love Story’ is perfect.

Found myself wonderfully lost in a SoundCloud vortex and this girl is legit.

Also, this.

Still haven’t gotten into Zayn’s album because I haven’t really had the time to just listen to it, sadly, but I’ll let you know at the end of April, deal?

On the Tube: This interview with Titilope Sonuga kicked March off just right.

This video of Liam Hemsworth reading the lyrics of Rihanna’s ‘Work’ made my day.

If you watch nothing else, please let your life be GOT from this performance

And this too. So beautiful


To look forward to: I’m excited about a few projects this month:

-Elo will be sharing portraits of HERSELF and others on her instagram.

-Have you been following Silvia on her post med school Southern African adventure. She’s currently in Namibia. Catch up.

-Pemi is going to SOUTH AFRICA in September! For a writing residency sponsored by Writivism. How Exciting!

-My exam is NEXT MONDAY. How nerve wracking, but I can almost smell the freedom. So, yay.

I hope you find something you like. I’m off to have breakfast and study, study, study. Happy Sunday!

Love, Afoma x