Hello from the other sideeeeeeeeeee.

Hi guys, I’ve missed you all so much. And this space. I kept planning and hoping to write an update but I haven’t been able to because of reasons I will detail in a post later this week. Meantime, lets catch up on the goodness of February, shall we?

I read a ton of articles this month and yet I have so many more to catch up on!

You already know Osemhen gave birth, right? Here’s the full gist.

Lesley Nneka Arimah’s story ‘Glory’ in Harper’s was a nice read.

I loved this. A photographer edits out our mobile phones to show our new lonely existence. It’s a bit sad.

Ore’s piece ‘Stop.Think.Repeat‘ extols the virtue that is cautiousness.

I love it when Timi writes about his wife 🙂

In case you somehow missed the Obama and kids hashtag, here are all the times Obama lost his chill with kids. ADORABLE.

Ekene & Meemee at TheKinkandI spent the month of February doing a mini workshop on starting your own blog. They touched everything really.

Did you sign up for Sab’s newsletter yet? You should; the first one already went out. It’s good, guys.

My fave, Dani Shapiro wrote about losing a great friendship. Sigh.

This interview of Justin Beiber is great.

I love BrainPickings. I love, love this love story.

So, I’m still waiting patiently to get my hands on Jowhor Ile’s new book, but in the meantime, here’s what he’s written about his love for reading.

Aaaand last of all, Sia talks about reclaiming music she’s written for other artistes for her new album.

Podcasts: I totally forgot to mention a new podcast that I’ve been loving in last month’s post. It’s called ‘Strangers’. I LOVE IT. Lea Thau is the host and she focuses on human relationships. She’s currently running a mini series called ‘Elizabeth and Mary’ about one woman who’s donating her kidney to a complete stranger. It’s fascinating and inspiring.

I listened to this episode of the ‘My Africa’ podcast featuring Ozoz aka KitchenButterfly and it’s a delight. Get on it.

This episode of ‘This American Life’ is mind-blowing and inspiring.

Videos: I watched a number of Tedtalks this month and I’d like to sharee. You’re welcome.

Shonda Rhimes, queen of daytime TV gave a talk on her year of yes. If you haven’t read the book, here’s a good peek.

Helen Fisher’s talk about the brain in love and why we crave love so much. It’s enlightening. Thanks for rec, T baby.

Maysoon Zayid’s talk ‘I got 99 problems … palsy is just one’ is HILARIOUS and utterly inspiring. I love her.

Isabelle Allende tells us how to live passionately at any age. Delightful.

Celeste Headlee shares ten (good) tips for having better conversations.

Music: Music was good this month. Expensive but oh so good.

Jessie Ware= EVERYTHING. Start out with ‘Champagne Kisses’ and ‘Say you love me’. Special shout out to Esther for recommending her. I’ve been listening to her ‘Tough Love’ album.

Love, Marriage & Divorce by Toni Braxton and Babyface is a fantastic album. I love ‘The D word’, ‘Reunited’ and ‘I Wish’. ‘I wish’ has all the salt in worlddddd.

Sia’s new album ‘This is Acting’ is a fantastic body of art. I love ‘Broken Glass’ and ‘One Million Bullets’.

I love Zayn Malik’s new music. He’s going by just ‘ZAYN’ these days. I’m obsessed with ‘Pillow talk’ and ‘it’s you’ is a great song too 🙂 Excited about his album out next month!

Have you heard Bemyoda’s EP? Shima Yam is my fave forever.

Also, just yesterday morning, I heard Nonso Amadi’s ‘Tonight’. I’m obsesseddddd.

Bez’s ‘There’s a fire’ is amazing.

Kaline is my new favorite discovery. Her songs ‘Everybody Knows’ and ‘Stranger’ are my faves so far.

TV: I’ve been watching my old shows, but I also started watching a few new ones:

Zoe Ever After is Brandy’s new comedy. It’s alright. I just really love her hair and make up. It’s good when I have a break.

Black-ish is so good! Used to watch it on and off but now I’m a regular. Andre’s almost drowning scene had me laughing for ages.

‘Before 30’ shows most weekday mornings on EbonyLife TV. It’s about 4 friends and the pressures they face to be married before 30. It stars Damilola Adegbite-Attoh, OC Ukeje, Beverly Naya and a few other familiar faces. It’s at times funny, always fashion forward and really interesting. The music on the show is always A+

Whoa. long list here. I hope you find something you like.

I hope you have a great month in March.

Afoma x