Hello my lovelies!

How was your month? I’ve heard so many people saying lately that January was a trial month and that they’d like to start the year all over again in February. For me there was a lot of tension and waiting. I also had a wonderful time this month with new experiences and connections. Isn’t that life? Mustn’t we balance the wonder and terror of living to have a wholehearted existence?

I loved reading so much this month! I’ve read a total of 8 books this month and so many articles. It’s so fascinating how our minds want different things at different times.

Anywhoo, let’s begin

Reading List

Laura shared an inspiring post about new year resolutions. It was such a great kick off to the year.

I found this day in a life post weirdly interesting. You might too.

Titilope Sonuga’s interview on Brittle Paper was insightful. I love the woman.

Haruki Murakami writes about how writing is like running for him and how running makes him a better novelist. I always enjoy his writing.

I enjoyed reading this piece by Nene.

This incredible piece about how ‘see-finish’ ruins lovely things by Ore took my breath away.

I thought this was an interesting take on ways to handle internet usage and being present.

Virginia Woolf’s guide to grieving broke my heart a little.

Music: This month I’ve been listening to Daughter. Her most recent album ‘Not to Disappear’ and the ‘If I leave’ album are faves. Her voice is so soothing, I could listen to her sing her grocery list. Yet, her lyrics are so poetic.

Other Music favorites

Glitter ball- Sigma ft. Ella Henderson

Crazy Youngsters- Ester Dean

All I want is Love – A Great Big World

On the Tube: I was sure I’d stop watching YouTube data due to data constraints but I just kent. I have to be sure the videos are worth it though so you can rest assured that everything I mention here is worth your MBs.

Ben & Sidra (One year later):

This couple makes me so happy. Their emotional transparency and the way they express themselves just makes my heart soar. Here they discuss how having a baby has changed them. You should also watch the first video where they’re still expecting a baby.

I really enjoy Claire’s videos mostly because her editing is superb and she always puts out good stuff. Never quantity over quality.

Movies & TV: only movie I saw this month was ‘Concussion’ and other than Will Smith’s dodgy accent, I thought it was pretty decent. Oh and I finally watched ‘About Time’. I thought it was really cute but all the time travel made me a bit dizzy. 

Author of the Month: Liane Moriarty. I’m on a mission to read every book she’s ever written! If you’re in a reading slump, she’s the one to read. All her books are page turners. They make me so giddy! I reviewed one of her books on the blog last week. You should check it out.

ALSO, Osemhen had a baby!! How CUTE is he?!


I’ve got a few updates coming and I’ll let you all know soon. In the meantime, I hope February is a better month for you! Have a lovely weekend!

Afoma x