Hi there!

I read this post by one of my favorite bloggers and thought it’d be interesting to share my own three current most used (and thus favorite) accessories.

Treble Clef pendant: my mum gave me this last year and I’ve been in love! I love music so much and getting to wear this all over the place makes me so happy. I don’t even care if it matches my outfit sometimes. 

This wristwatch reminds me of the Daniel Wellington ones which I currently cannot afford. I took them from my mum (perks of being home) and now they’re mine (duh). Round faced watches are my weakness and as long as they have leather straps and aren’t too big for my skinny wrists, then it’s a yas.

This ankara bag from the Lekki art market is my favorite thing ever. I’m all for accesories with a touch of ankara or any kind of fabric with a nice pattern to be honest. There’s just an extra pizzazz.

Any favorite accesories at the moment? Let me know! And if you’re a blogger, you should totally do a post! 

PS: I really wanted to give my sunnies a shoutout. Love em! See them in this post.

Have a fantastic weekend! 

Afoma x

  • Tee Ah

    I love the treble clef but would have stolen it from you if it was white gold. I absolutely love white toned jewellery. I would not be caught dead wearing yellow. NO! And the bag too. Very much my kinda thing so yes. πŸ™‚

    • Ahh white gold is my fave for rings especially! But I’m warming up to gold gold haha

  • Sadly, I’m not much of an accessories person… But there’s this necklace I was gifted. Very OTT. Love it. But I’ve still not figured out how to wear it without looking clownish. πŸ™

    • Lol! What’s OTT please? Wear with something super simple. That always works for dramatic neckpieces.

      • “Over the top”… Let’s see how that works out ☺️

        • Ahh over the top ?