Hi there!

I had no idea I was even going to write a single word about this place, I didn’t even bring my camera. My friend T-A (hey girl!) took us out for dinner while I was in Lagos. I was a bit nervous about coming to a sea food restaurant because I think sea food is OK. I’m not a massive fan of sea creatures other than fish (I’d eat fish all day everyday).

When I saw the decor though, and the rooftop space (which is apparently a thing on the island) I fell in love a bit. I had the “feesh and chips” which comes with a side of rice and so did T-A’s sister. T-A, the sea food queen had the platter for one and of course we nibbled at her stuff. I loved the calamari!

I hear there’s one in Ikeja as well. If you’re a sea food fiend, this is a great dinner/lunch spot. Customer service was great although I wish the food had come a teeny bit sooner.


The dips were fantastic! Ah.

Have you ever been to Ocean Basket? What did you think?

Afoma x