Hey guys!

It’s the end of NOVEMBER! How crazy is that?! I’m so grateful for life and health and joy. Super thankful. I hope you’ve all had a good year so far and even if you haven’t, there’s life (and so there’s hope) and there’s God.

Honestly, this month I was more introspective and focused on setting a few things straight in my life so I really did not pay much attention to the world around me. However, there are a few things that caught my eye (and heart, haha).

Reading List: My biggest recommendation from this month has to be Brene Brown’s book Rising Strong which I got on audible (but is no longer on there, weirdly). I also have the ebook which you can email me about if you’re interested. I spoke about one of the many salient point she makes in my most recent newsletter which you’ve now missed if you aren’t subscribed to yet, sigh. But here’s another chance to subscribe. Her thoughts and teachings on vulnerability, love, fear and shame have changed my life and perspective. The way I see people and the way I handle my feelings has improved so much. I love that she is also spiritual, as most writers with self help seem to be nearly atheist, that was refreshing. I also relate to her on SO MANY LEVELS. It was the best thing ever. I will do a review on the blog later this week.


My friend, Esther started an instagram account where she shares great quotes from the lovely books she’s reading. You should totally check out forgoldenlines on instagram.

I loved reading Ifeoluwa’s “I hope someone calls them beloved” and then reading his interview about writing on FlashFriday.

This article about the mistakes people make when choosing a partner is insightful.

Osemhen’s top 5 moments from her wedding are beautiful! Her wedding(s) are #goals, really.

Have you been keeping up with my sissy’s Thailand posts? Start with this one about all the food Sabirah ate in Thailand.

This hilarious tale of an eavesdropped real life conversation between exes who run into each other at a gym made my day.

Did you catch Esther’s feature on Miafarradaily?

Love Sade’s honesty in this post about being your own cheerleader.

Music: November was such a great month for music! Here are my current faves:

Justin Beiber’s Purpose (fave songs: Sorry, Feelings, I’ll show you, Life is worth Living)

James Bay’s Chaos and the Calm (faves: Hold back the river, Let it go, Scars)

Nonso Amadi’s EP, Alone (FAVE: Gele)

**Also, how dope is his cover art? My friend Oroma did it!


On TV: I started watching Jane the Virgin but exams 🙁 so I downloaded the entire first season to watch when I’m home on holiday :D, well when I’m not studying :(. It’s a really good show though and I recommend it. Also finally started watching Arrow and I get the Oliver Queen appeal now, I get it. I’ve only watched one episode though but also downloading for future reference.

Shea Moisture: I got the Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie earlier in the month and it has done wonders. I get the brand hype now. It softens my hair and makes it more manageable. The curl enhancing part, I cannot confirm. I also got an edge treatment one and I’m not too sure how well that works yet. I wish I could get more of the products but student budget. Also I’ve gotten good at convincing myself that I don’t need that many products. The smoothie has definitely kicked Cantu shea butter out of my hair regimen.

Andrea Tooley: I’ve been following Andrea’s blog for over a year and she is such a dedicated, inspiring blogger. She blogs about food, medicine, fitness and lifestyle generally. She’s now in her second year in ophthalmology residency at Mayo Clinic (and I’ve been following her since her 3rd year in med school ahh). Her youtube channel is super informative for anyone looking to pursue medicine especially in the US. I love this video especially.

Also in exciting news, Nik-Nak started a store with mostly home decor and some cool kitchen stuff which is also great for gifting! AND Twenty Six is starting a kiddies brand called Twenty Six Kids! I’m so excited for it. Check out all of that.

Alright folks! I’m off now to have breakfast and continue studying. Just in case you were wondering, yes all this studying is kilingggg me. But it’s one more week and I’ll be free for a while.

Have a fantastic week, my loves x






  • As always great list! Cannot wait to dig in, especially the book, loved reading your insights on it in the newsletter. Really need to get that kindle ASAP
    Thank you for the mention. Study hard but remember self care as well.

    • I’m excited for you to get it soon too! Thank you, sis! Gotta remember self care. ❤️

  • I love these Currently Loving posts!
    For a few weeks now, I’ve been overplaying Purpose. Sorry & Feeling are also my faves. Other faves- Purpose, Get Used To It… the entire body of work, I am so proud of my JB.
    Chaos and the Calm is such a great album. Let it Go is the best. And Collide makes me dance.
    I will check out that EP as well

    • Thank you girl! Ugh so proud of JB. And Collide is also great! Yes, Nonso’s music is so chill, I love it. Thanks for reading! ^_^

  • Have you listened to this EP by The Coll3ctive?

    • I haven’t! Will listen! Thanks babe! 🙂

  • Great list! I’ll look into them after work today! Thank you for not hoarding the cool things you find and thank you for the mention ??

    • ? my pleasure babe!

  • Jane The Virgin is awesome! I’m hooked!
    Could you please send “Rising Strong”?

    Awesome list btw. I try to compile mine regularly too.