Hello there lovely people!

It’s Friday! This week felt a bit too long for me so I’m definitely excited for the weekend even though 80% of the time I’ll be studying for my (semester) finals (which are in two weeks). Last Friday, I tried my hardest to have a perfect day so that I could show you guys photos with the true time stamps of a day in the life of a medical student. It turned out to not be a typical Friday but the first part of the day was pretty typical.

Honestly, most days I get up at about 5:50 am but having gone to bed earlier, I woke up earlier and quite refreshed. I usually lie in bed for about 5 mins after, just to orient myself lool.


I read my daily text which is similar to a daily devotional and also a portion of the bible. On late days I do this in class or at the hospital.


If I’m running late, I actually forget to check social media but on early days, I spend at least 10 minutes replying messages from nocturnal friends and seeing who’s mentioned me on Twitter.


Shower Timeeee. There’s usually music. You gotta wake up to good music.


I get some make up on once I’ve dressed. My items are my studio fix powder, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and lipstick (usually after breakfast).


Breakfast is such a struggle when I have to leave home early. My go to meals this semester have been boiled sweet potatoes, avocado/peanut butter on toast + eggs or left over dinner. I also had some pineapple slices (not pictured).


Aaand we’re out.


I catch a van about two minutes after. Check out the locs on this brotherrr.


So, when I leave the house for the hospital anytime after 07:10am, I get there at about past 8am. The traffic struggle is so real and I live about 30 mins (without traffic) from “town”. But on days when I’m a good girl, I’m on time to pre-round with the interns before the attending physician arrives. Doctors’ lounge mirror selfie here.


My intern is doing paperwork so I try to introduce myself to OB/GYN a bit. Because we’re simply “observing” at the moment (actual rotations start next year) and OB is pretty foreign at the moment so the doctor goes easy on us with questioning.


Friday isn’t that busy so I spend an hour or so in internal medicine catching up with friends since I was on medicine the previous week (and I miss it). I get to our campus at about 1pm. I took this on a break during our clinical medicine class.


More class timeee. We have to present patients from the wards to our teacher (who’s a doctor) in order to polish our patient presentation skills before we start actual rotations.


Sigh. Home at last. My girls and I plan an improptu dinner so I chill out for an hour or so before I start to get ready.


All dressed! Getting dressed up for an evening out makes a person feel good after a rough week. I wish I could do this every Friday, but err wallet issues.


Look at this viewww. I’m obsessed with French Verandah.

IMG_5886 IMG_5887

We get to my place at about 9pm, talk some more and then time blurs a little. I fall asleep at sometime past ten and I’m up at 6am to study. Gotta make up for lost fun times.


I hope you enjoyed this post. I hope someone else does this soon. I really love Osemhen’s version. Have a blissful weekend!

Till soon, Afoma x