Hi guys!

I’ve had this T-shirt for close to 5 years. I think my mum bought it in a market in Port Harcourt. Talk about standing the test of time! It was one of the things I’d abandoned in Ukraine because I felt like it had served its purpose but my cousin brought it here when she moved here too. I love the newspaper design so much! (Read about it, get it? another song pun thing)

Of course my trusty H&M jeans save the day as always. I’m wearing the poor thing to death but I don’t care. It’s working its money. This necklace dresses up every outfit. One thing I’ve learned is that accessories definitely change up your look 0-100 style. So there’s a tip for you. If ever you feel under-dressed, pop on a superpower accessory and watch it save the day 🙂

I’m also wearing these raffia bracelets from the Council of Arts & Crafts in Abuja.


I hope Monday makes you dance!

Afoma x