Hey hey!

It’s the end of another month and I’d just like to take a second to be grateful for life. This month has been pretty good. A few downsides here and there but generally good. I’m excited (and nervous) for November as a few big things may be happening for me. But in the meantime, let’s get on to the good stuff! This month I read quite a bit and watched a bit of TV but I listened to a TON of music. So many new albums out towards the end of the year, I love it. By the way, have you signed up for my newsletter? It’s a double whammy for people subscribed because a newsletter is going out at the end of the month. Do it. Just click here.

Reading List: Here are my favorite articles from around the web this month, in no particular order:

The Feminine Mistake by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a beautifully written piece. Chimamanda is such a great writer. Her language is mesmerizing.

Birdwoman by Pemi Aguda is writing from the mystical side. I love this so much.

This piece on why people marry the wrong person is so necessary. So many valid points and her articulation is just… yas.

Leggy stuns again in this fluid piece on Miafarradaily’s blog.

Lesley Nneka Arimah is my newest fave. Her mind is a wonderland. Her story about mothers and their handmade babies left me changed.

This Adele interview makes me want to be her friend. Oh Adele.

I enjoyed reading this piece by Niyi Ademoroti.

Mia’s food journal is written in such exquisite language, I wish I wrote it. Perfecto one.

Blogs: I found Lauren’s blog by accident and I think her style is superb. Her photography is also swoon-worthy!


Also, this Nik-Nak Post introduced me to writer-photographer Nirrimi. Her photography is so ethereal, I want to squeal.


I’ve been folowing MissMoss for a while but I’ve been in love with past Midweek Distraction posts (hint: she basically shares her favorite links from around the web, good stuff!)lately and I’ve found a number of gems. Go have a look!

Music: Whoaaa. Where to begin. Here’s a list of my favorite albums at the moment. Yes, albums. My song recommendation(s) from said albums are in parentheses in case you’d like to try one first, get your toesies wet.

Andrew Belle- Black Bear (Dark Matter, Pieces)

Selena Gomez- Revival (Camouflage, Cologne)

Tamar Braxton – Calling All Lovers (Free-Fallin’)

Alessia Cara- Four Pink Walls (Seventeen, Here)


Leon Else -Tomorrowland (We all Fall down)

Andrew Belle- In my veins

Adele- Hello (duh)

TV : I finally started watching The Flash and practically binged watched season 1. It’s great. Fast paced, beautiful characters and just enough sci-fi to not make me puke. Also, if you didn’t hear the last time, The Voice is back. Catch it if you can. Sorry guys, I really do not watch that much TV, but I like these shows. Oh and I watched the first episode of Gotham, it was OK. I hear the series is pretty good, so hop on that.

Videos on the web: Here’s where you’ll need data, sorry. Have you seen Asa’s newest music video? Adore.

Also Claire’s video on her 15 favorite feelings is the cutest montage.

That’s all for this month guys! I read two books this month and I reviewed one on Wednesday. You should read that if you missed it 🙂

I hope you find something you like. Have a fabulous weekend!

Afoma x