Hi guys! 

Guess who’s catching up with three weeks of backlog?! Yup, me.

It started slowly: I put off posting the first week because it was already Monday and then I put off the second week because I was so so busy. Look at me now. However, I’m all caught up. 

Sunday, 11.10.2015

My friend and her brother 🙂   

Monday, 12.10.2015

I was trying to capture rainfall from my window. Not sure how that worked out.

Tuesday, 13.10.2015

This past week was so weird. Post exams, I never want to do anything. Here’s proof: unfolded laundry from close to a week ago only just about to be tackled.


Wednesday, 14.10.2015

I had a photoshoot. The second PAID one 🙂


Thursday, 15.10.2015

The Sefsybee.


Friday, 16.10.2015

My girls and I had dinner together and laughed away the evening. It was well needed.

Saturday, 17.10.2015

Out preaching on Saturday and casually catching the best views. I love this place.


Hopefully I won’t become overwhelmed again by letting things pile up. I’ll try. Have a lovely week, guys!

Afoma x